I can't see players actives or heros


Noticed last few days I can’t see players heros or if they are active. I tried uninstalling twice I rebooted twice and nothing still the same.


This is just one of my members it’s that way with all of them.


Because you’re on different versions


It was working fine for last 2 months why would it change?


there was a new update yesterday, everyone who hasnt updated yet is on a different version than the people who have. So you can’t see when they are online or what their teams look like untill you or everyone else updated.


I’m there King and it’s making it very difficult to run my alliance this needs to be fixed


I haven’t received no update yet so that must be the reason that’s why I uninstalled twice.


Then tell them to update their game :slight_smile: or look into the appstore/playstore to see if you can update yours


Thank you for the quick response


This is indeed related to the new update, this problem should resolve itself once enough players have updated their game. You can read more here:

I’ll close this thread as this isn’t a bug or an issue.