I cant join the game

I have updated the latest version 1.9.8 and do not let me connect to the game.

Uninstall and return to install, but nothing.

Help me.

Yeah there are some issues for sure I just posted what’s happening to me

Please report this to Game Support:


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I dont know how to contact, because it will not let me enter the game.

Click the article above; every FAQ article should now have a link at the bottom that says “Submit a Request” in blue.

No need to be in game, you can still submit. :wink:

I have the same problem with WLAN Connection to my router. I already checked, there are no firewall rules and no ports are blocked.
There is no problem if I use my laptop as hotspot. This workaround solves also the issue when the titan is not shown (only a question mark is shown in the Titan tab on the alliance window).

Please submit a request to Game support:


same to me, no Problem until build 550 had been installed. Now “Connection to Server failed”

Please submit a request to Game Support, as noted above.

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I cant join, i dont know.

If you click the article above, it will take you to the web, outside of the game. Scroll to the bottom and click the blue “Submit a request” link.

No worries. :wink:

I been going threw the samething since Thursday got in yesterday and this morning now been booted off cant get back on

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Why do we all have to submit individual tickets when this is an issue that is clearly impacting a lot of us?

At this point, it’s obvious that this is a bug.

For those that have already submitted tickets…

…any resolutions?

I have had only a generic response that says the problem is my internet or my phone I can garentee its not my internet not my phone the problem is the update my other games and apps work perfectly


This is what is happening to a friend since the latsd update, @Rook

Submitted a request tot “helpdesk” the solution they offer to me wasn’t useful at all.
They give me the .apk but this didn’t solve nothing.
I’m very disappointed with SmallGiant… I spend money playing this game, and I want to continue playing it…

What did they tell you to do with the .apk?

to install it, of course.

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