I can't have more than 9 recruits before it says I'm full

I have 3 tc11 training camps, I rotate between TC 1,2 &11 on one and run 2 tc 11 nonstop. I will take recruits from the tc 11 to fill my tc1 or 2, however it only is letting me use 9 recruits before it says I have no more space. The fix is spending food so my storage isn’t full. This should not be a problem. And I should not need to spend food, just so I can do a basic function of the game. I have my sh building, so I can’t just do more building even with VIP. @smallgiantgames, will you please work on a real fix for this?
Anyone who is facing this problem, will you let me know if you have any suggestions. I know places to spend food, it’s just that I want to build my sh up, not build stuff I don’t want. Thank you.

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