I can't convert my craft building


When I tap on one of my craft buildings, I appear to get an option to convert it. It gives a option of another iron mine - which would be extremely useful. However, if I try to select the iron mine, nothing happens. It just has an option to cancel.
Is there something I’m doing wrong? Or is there a glitch?! ! Screenshot_2018-10-18-07-48-52|250x500


I think I might have answered my own question. Clearly not awake yet. That’s not an iron mine there, but the original crafting building. Guess there’s nothing for me to convert it to :worried:


At this time, buildings can only be converted to a barracks at level 10(?).

This allows you to level up troops.

If you have a barracks you can convert it to the original building and turn something else into a barracks, but that’s it.