I can't access my account

Guys, I need some help. I logged out of my Google account to be able to link an IOS account on my Android phone. I Already had included another Google account on the phone and made the whole tutorial to be able to save that account there (since in IOS is saved in game Center and Google needs to be in a Google account, right?) Well, I logged out of my account, Linked the other and at the time I went to save went straight to the email from my main account my account went missing, and this new account that was IOS superimposed mine. The account still exists, it appears to the other members of the alliance, but I can’t access it anymore.

Hi @Giovanna, sorry to hear you’re having account issues.

Have you already tried the steps from the Support website?


If so, and you’re still having issues, you should contact Support — the Forum is for player-to-player support, and no one can help with account issues.

Here’s how to contact Support:

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