I cannot renew my VIP

I have tried for a week. I go to renew my VIP and it keeps turning as if it is thinking and it is stuck. I have waited for an hour. I have logged out and purchased something with gems to see if it would reset it. Nothing works. What do i do.?

How strange i hope it’s fixed for you

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I tried posting in Bugs but i can not figure out how. This is my first time posting.

I moved it for you in the bugs section.

Have you tried contacting the support service?



Thank you. No. I really do not know how.

Ok…i will follow the link


I just noticed i linked the information page of the support


Try this one if the information are incomplete and you want them to take a deeper look at the issue


Just made the report. Thank you

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My pleasure. Hope it will get resolved for you

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