I can use some help with my lineup

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Thanks so much… It’s been a day, and this is the least of my worries, but still working on it

I would focus first on a solid team of 4* heroes. It takes forever to get the materials and feeders for a 5*, and having the 4* will make that easier.

Wu is a must for titans and is good for raid attacks. Get him to 4/70 ASAP. Work on Chao after that.
Boldtusk is a good tank, and will serve you well for titans, raids, and defense. Work on him first, then finish Kelile or Gormek
Grimm (or one of the other pulverizer triplets) is essential for titans. His defense debuff combined with BTs attack buff and Wu will boost your titan damage astronomically. He is a little squishy, so I’d work on Kiril for your defense team.
You need a dispeller. Caedmon is a good choice for that. He hits hard and removes enemy buffs. Get him to 4/70, then finish Kasshrek, then work on Peters.
For purple, get Tiburtus to max. Then you can swap him out for Grimm on yellow titans.


Wow thanks love! Nice advice

Let’s make your hero-benche a bit more organised.

Hero-bench Elles

3*: Bane (3-50), Friar Tuck, Isshtak, Oberon, Prisca, Balthazar, Gan Ju, Kailani, Gunnar, Karil, Nashgar, Belith.

4*: Caedmon (4-16), Kiril (3-60), Wu Kong (3-23), Kelile (2-46), Boldtusk (2-45), Tiburtus (2-41), Grimm (2-39), Peters (1-23), Little John (1-12), Kashrek (1-5), Boomer, Boril, Wu Kong, Skittlesskull, Sabina, Chao, Melendor, Scarlett, Tiburtus

5*: Aeron (2-58), Gravemaker (1-29), Elkanen (1-24), Magni

Giving general advice is difficult, because every hero can be used differently and is better for other aspects of the game compared to other heroes. This document, made by Anchor of 7DD, shows you what and how heroes excel in each area:


3 star team

People have suggested me to build a basic 3* bench first. I did so by upgrading three 3* of every color. I benefit a lot of it still, given the fact I lacked 4 and 5* heroes. While upgrading my current 4* heroes I am still using the 3* for color stacking in raids, wars and titan hits. Also, a basic 3* bench helps you complete the Intermediate stages of special events more easily. I would conclude the following:

If you decide to upgrade your basic 3* bench I would work on: Bane, Friar Tuck, Balthazar and Nashgar. Leave the other heroes aside until you get better 3*, such as Valen, Hawkmoon etc. This shouldn’t take too long. To see which 3* are quite worth it, visit: Best 3* heroes?

4 star team

You currently have 18 4* heroes, which gives you the opportunity to use the ‘’ right ‘’ heroes for every aspect of the game. These aspects are: Titan hits, Raid/War offense, Raid/War defense, special events and farming the map. The last two I won’t pay attention to, because you will be able to use what you have. If events are more important to you than any other aspect, I would ask someone else to reply or suggest you to search through the forum.
4 heroes are marked overall as A in the above spreadsheet and are worth ascending any time: Kiril, Boldtusk, Grimm and Peters. I would work on building a base of 4* heroes before ascending your 5 stars. Just as with the 3*, you will then have a balanced bench for the Epic event stages also.

Titan hits:
Wu Kong is a must use, I’ve read about players using Wu Kong even on 10* titans. 1 Wu Kong is enough and you should use him on every titan. Kiril and Boldtusk for the attack and defense boosts and heals and Grimm/Tiburtus for the defense debuff which allows you to hit harder. You have covered the essentials with these heroes. Scarlett would be nice as well, considering she decreases the attack of her opponent and thus your survivability. I would use Boldtusk when possible on titans since he boosts your attack a lot more than Kiril.

People suggest you to use 3 opposite colors of the titan it’s color, but you could use 2 if you like that better. I would definitely use:

Red Titan: Wu Kong, Boldtusk, Grimm + blue (could be Kiril, but also another pulled Grimm, Sonya or 3* blue) + a color of choice except green; Tiburtus, Sabina, Scarlett

Blue Titan: Wu Kong, Kiril, Grimm/Tiburtus, Little John, Melendor (Caedmon has less tile damage)

Green Titan: Wu Kong, Boldtusk, Tiburtus, Scarlett, Kelile

Yellow Titan: Wu Kong, Boldtusk,Tiburtus, Sabina + 2nd Tiburtus (or Grimm)

Purple Titan: Wu Kong, Boldtusk, Grimm, Chao, currently Bane, maybe 2nd Wu Kong later if you don’t pull Jackal, Gretel or Li Xiu.

I don’t prefer upgrading that 2nd Wu Kong and would wait on one of the mentioned three heroes above.

Raid/War offense
Kiril, Boldtusk, Grimm and Peters are considered must have for offensive raids/war according to the spreadsheet. However, if you want to stack color against the opponent’s tank (middle hero) you will need to ascend quite a few of your heroes. Besides the heroes mentioned above I would suggest ascending: Caedmon, Tiburtus (x2) for their debuffing abilities and damage special skill damage. Melendor and Sabina for their healing abilities. Scarlet to lower one of the opponents heroes attack. This provides you with a minimum of two heroes of each color and no yellow heroes. I would try to make a base again of three heroes of each color. This would result into also ascending: Chao, Kelile, Boril, and another 3* yellow.

Raid/War defense
The only 4* hero marked as A for defense raids is Kashrek. You have it in your bench, so ascend it. Then 11 of your 4* heroes are marked with a B. My guess for a rainbow defense team is:

Boldtusk, Grimm, Kashrek, Tiburtus, Chao.

In this order, so Boldtusk boosts your attack first, Grimm applies the debuff, Kashrek heals and takes the most damage while having the most survivability, Tiburtus and Chao as hitters benefit from the first two special attacks. Also in this order, so that if your opponents hits your hero with strong tiles he or she will hit the hero next to it with weak tiles.

I don’t like Chao on defense. I think he’s easy to beat and doesn’t cause a lot of trouble with his special attack. I would replace Chao with either: Scarlett or Melendor. Another Tiburtus or Sabina is possible, but then you will have two purple heroes next to eachother with the current setup. Not ideal, but possible with a different setup and tank.

5 star team

I am not yet experienced enough to write a lot about these heroes. But Magni would fit everywhere, especially in offense and defense! He’s very strong and versatile. So does Gravemaker in offense and defense. On titans they are both marked as B, so pretty useful as well. Aeron is a lovely healer. His special not only heals, but also cures your heroes from any status ailments and shields the two next to him from new status ailments during the next 3 turns. His element link also provides a small defense and offense boost to other dark heroes in your team. He’s especially good against heroes such as Gravemaker and Azlar. You can save Aeron his special, let them fire their special, immediatly heal and cure your heroes and laugh. You can also use it in advance to avoid 3 of your heroes getting the DOT (damage over time) debuff.

I would create a base of 3* and/or 4* first. It’s up to you which one you choose. My decision to create a 3* base was purely focused on Intermediate special events and the lack of 4* heroes. For your 4* team it would a smart move to ascend the heroes which provides you better titan hits and scores. It could possibly give you better loot and your entire alliance benefits from it. It also already provides you with a better offensive team, knowing you’ll ascend:

  • Kiril, Boldtusk, Grimm, Tiburtus, Little John, Sabina, Chao, Melendor and Scarlett.

With these you could make your rainbow defense team:

  • Grimm, Melendor, Boldtusk, Tiburtus, Chao (replace with Scarlett).
  • Boldtusk, Grimm, Little John, Tiburtus, Chao (replace with Scarlett or Melendor)

Note that you can switch out a lot of these heroes for others, I’m just giving examples of what I think wouldn’t be a bad defense team.

Hero-bench Leonas

3*: Hawkmoon (3-50), Tyrum (3-50), Bane (3-50), Friar Tuck, Balthazar x2, Ulmer, Berden, Jahangir, Kailani, Nashgar, Graymane x2, Gunnar

4*: Kashrek (4-18), Kiril (3-60), Chao (3-41), Tiburtus (3-33), Boldtusk (3-30), Little John, Kiril, Colen, Kashrek, Kelile, Li Xiu, Tiburtus, Melendor

5*: Alasie x2

3 star team

I would ascend: Friar Tuck, Balthazar x2, Ulmer, Berden, Nashgar

4 star team

You have two 4* heroes marked as an overall A: Boldtusk and Kiril. Ascend them both.

Titan Hits
Red Titan: Boldtusk, Kiril, Tiburtus, + whichever is ascended (Ulmer, Graymane if ascended)

Blue Titan: Kiril, Tiburtus, Kashrek, Melendor, Little John

Green Titan: Boldtusk, Tiburtus, Colen, Kelile + whichever ascended (or Hawkmoon)

Yellow Titan: Boldtusk, Tiburtus, Tiburtus, + whichever ascended (or Tyrum)

Purple Titan: Boldtusk, Chao, Bane, Li Xui + whichever ascended

Raid/War offense
This depends again on the tank and colors used of your opponents. Kiril and Boldtusk are must-haves. Tiburtus, Colen, Kelile, Li Xiu and Melendor are useful as well.

Raid/War defense
Just as for your other bench, Kashrek serves great as tank. Everyone else except Chao and Little John (at first) would be useful also.

For a rainbow defense team I would suggest:
Kiril, Boldtusk, Kashrek, Tiburtus, Li Xiu

I don’t think Kiril will serve well in this team and that position, so I would change to:
Melendor, Boldtusk, Kashrek, Tiburtus, Li Xiu.

5 star team

Alasie is great for all aspects and definitely worth the materials.

If you focus on titans first, you will use: Boldtusk, Kiril, Tiburtus, Kashrek, Melendor, Little John, Colen, Kelile, Chao and Li Xiu. That’s everyone. Your most used heroes for titans based on my advice will be Boldtusk and Tiburtus, so ascend them to max first.

I hope this provides you with a couple of new insights and that it gives other players the opportunity to easier give advice by adjusting and improving mine.

Good luck!


I would level Belith instead of Tuck. She gives heal all where Tuck only heals adjacent heroes. Plus, she is the only 3* dispeller.

3* heroes to max out and keep:

Green: Belith, Berden, Brienne and Hisan*
Blue: Valen, Ulmer, Gunnar
Red: Hawkmoon, Nashgar, Azar, Squire Wabbit* and then Jahangir
Yellow: Bane, Kailani, Gan Ju and Arman*
Purple: Balthazar, Tyrum, and another copy of Balthazar.

The ones marked with asterisks are limited time event heroes, only available during their respective Events. If you happen to pull one when the event rolls around next, dont eat them.


@Rook, @Coppersky Could you merge all three of her advice requests into one thread please? Thanks

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Right! I forgot about Belith in her bench.

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Thanks, this is super helpful… but that sucks in a way, lol, only because I just moved, can’t find printer, so I’m hand writing all my Empire info in a 3ring binder I just bought, lol!! Lots to write

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Take screenshots and save them

Ty so much guys… but gormek? And what other 2 make up pulverizers?

Gormek, Tiburtus and Grimm are the pulverizer triplets. They all have the Ramming Pulverizer attack, which lowers defense
I know you don’t have Gormek yet, but I’m assuming you are leveling up your stronghold and training camps. You may pull him from there.



Wukong (Titan god)
caedmon (finish him)
Kiril (once he gets capes)
Tibertus (because u will have to wait for 4 more capes for grimm)
Scarlett (ditch Kellie. keep her for cleanups)

2nd set
BT (with Wukong you are a titanator)
Peter (keep him at 3.60 there are better mana manipulators but he is great)
Magni (He is Magni. Nuff said)
Melandor (Him and Caedmon are great on Titans)

Max everyone on your defence team.
For extra tile damage and suitability for your defence team i will choose LJ, but the same order of importance applies for Elle and Leonas account. Wu first. Then Grimm if u can.

For now conc on these you should get better heroes soon anyway

Personally I find offence heroes more useful in the long run. Defence heroes are secondary to me.
General rule i follow is leveling heroes according to:

  1. titan team
  2. event quests
  3. raids
  4. defence
    Because that is where mats and resources come from.
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So for Leona’s, only change ATM is lvl up LJ and focus more on Grimm? Other than that, just lvl main team?

I think ur the 1st not to tell me to lvl Gravemaker lol… K… thx doll

GM and ALasie are great too. but they are 2nd

ALWAYS max a 4* team first

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Unless u have all 16 mats required to max them…
4* only need 5 mats total…

Oki…thx doll! I really appreciate it, now hopefully with your bad ■■■ influencer skills, more will even just peek and hollar advice, I know I’m a pest, but this game makes me crazy, I’ve played MMORPGS since I was 12, I was really good at them, becoming things like class leads and raid leads, but that’s 1 class that u need to know in and out, and like 7 others u have general knowledge of… But like 100 classes basically? Hurts my head trying to put a perfect team together…
I’m basically not used to sucking at this, and whether it’s due to suffering some brain dmg and my cognitive function declining a bit, or because it’s just very different from what I’m used to, well, I suck at it lol… so having OCD and being one who strives for perfection (though also suffers memory loss making it challenging) I’m trying everything, all player help, strategic guides, tutorials, YouTube, to soak up info… I really wanna be a great player, because it pisses me off that I’m not at this game lol

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