I can’t upgrade my recruits max

My recruits max is currently 286 and I can’t convert any other buildings to a house to obtain the 300 capacity needed for HA lvl 10. Other members of my alliance say they have 4 houses plus a barracks whereas I only have 3, help?!

Hard to answer without seeing your base, but you should have 4 houses. Have you built all of them? Any spot vacant on your base? You can also have one advanced house.

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You can’t convert a house to a special building.

You have an unbuilt space for a house somewhere.


This. To be a bit of a smartass - you can convert a house into an advanced house… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: So you should have three houses at level 20 and one advanced house at level 10 to be at max capacity.

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I knew someone was going to say that.

And I will merely look at you piteously until you wander off feeling embarrassed.




Wandering off @VeryQuietly

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3 houses at level 20 only has a max capacity of 198 recruits. There must be an Advanced House somewhere requiring leveling up.

If he’s at 286, then that’s advanced house 10 (124), 2 houses at 10 (66 ea), 30 from SH… that’s 286.

Really, he’s got a completely unbuilt house.

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Ah, that makes sense.


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