I can’t get back into my game

I can’t get into the game since the new update came out . I don’t want my team to think I crapped out on them .How doI get back in , it looks like they want a credit card number. Please advise. I just want to play the game. My team is SIt Back and Relax. Thanks.

The game is free to play. It will not ask for a credit card number for access. What are you seeing that is making you think it wants a credit card number?

I have to go to the app page to update and they ask for a credit card number. I lost my card , is there any way to bypass the upgrade.


I think I know what you might be going through. If you are trying to use Google play there should be an option to just skip the step and not have to attach your credit card number to the game. If this doesn’t work you can also try to restart your phone and see if that clears it allowing you to skip the part.

If that is not it you might need to consider a support ticket, but I would recommend trying those two things first.

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Iplay on my iPad , but I will try the google thing you mentioned.

What is a support ticket ?

If you suspect a problem or bug within the game you can submit a ticket to report the problem. The ticket will ask for a large amount of information about the situation, I think Google play has a similar feature, but if it is an issue with google Empires and Puzzles support might not be the most appropriate location.

Good luck getting this problem solved and I hope you have a chance to play Empires and Puzzles again soon

Here is how to reach support:


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