I can,t build my forth iron storage


Hi, i,m spanish, my problem is that i can,t build other iron storage, i have three, i am not building any more at this moment and there is only one place where appear the option to build the storage but it seems off service, i mean, it isn,t posible make “click” to start building… is it an error in my account, someone has the same problem? What can i do? Because of that i can,t continue growing my castle…
Thank you so much


Have you contacted support directly? I think that it is more effective if you have a glitch.


Can i have contact directly with them? How? I only knew about this foro, thanks for your anwer


In game you can press “options”. It is marked with a cog wheel in the bottom menu. In options menu there’s a tab for “support”. You have several options there to report bug and such. :slight_smile:


Which Stronghold level do you have? Please note that there is a limit for each type building you can build per Stronghold level.


Hi, only appear 3 option, one of them is inform problems and it sends me here to the foro! :,( i don,t know what to do!


Level 13 and the 3 iron storage in level 13 too, it should be possible to build another one and i can,t


I presume technical issue since you find you have a spot that is “out of service”. You have a “technical issue” choice in the support tab I mentioned. A common problem that sounds a bit like yours is if you have chosen an iron storage to convert to barracks. If so you will have one storage too few. Solution to that problem is to convert the barrack back to storage. Anyway: listen to @Petri who also answered in the thread. He is staff. :slight_smile:


Oh i love you!! That was the problem and i dind,t notice, Evan and Petri thanks for your help you had been so nice with me! Kisses from Spain


I have the exact same problem at level 13 SH. I think it should be considered a bug that they count my barracks as a storage unit. Needs to be fixed.


They count the building you choose to convert. If you choose a forge you will have one less forge and so on. You can convert the buildings back and forth without losing the levels.