I can not find the character Alberich!

It might be that he won’t return in the Atlantis Portal (same with Athena and Hel and the other 2017 HotM). Probably, they will reappear as featured heroes in the S3 portal…

My hope is that very old HotM will become trainable one day. With 70 untrainable 5* heroes and increasingly more and only the same 20 heroes again and again :neutral_face:

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Thank you, nevarmaor.
I wished that Small Giant support staff could have told me so.

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I mean… they could if they wanted include them in tc 20, they can increase the cooking time to 7 days and have a 0.9 chance of bonus draw old hotm… but they wont cuz money

You know I still can’t ‘find’ Alberich even when he’s at the summon portal! He and his Mother have eluded me for so long


I have see the atlantis summon for all 2020 and not find alberich, hel, name
the most strong first HOTM,
Now only hero whit power over the de death is mather nord, hard to find whit only 0,6% percentual

Both Hel and Alby were featured in 2019. Do you rant about not pulling them or did you miss it?

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I pulling hard for alberich on atlantis i got 2 kageburando, 2 ursena Poseidon tarlak 2 mitsuko mok areon 2 alesie gravemaker Aegir and other hero’s 4 5 stars and Hotm, not alberich appare not
have guilty got that!

Cool heroes, no need to cry.

Alby is a little bit overestimated imo and if one has Proteus, who needs Hel? Both have become rare on top defenses, too…

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Alberich is Pøwërfûl healer, mana buster is amazing raid attack and raid Tournament, i use mather North, very difficult to find she 36 gpld token and 4 10x pull i got 5 marijana santa Claus 8 buddy 10 rudolph vivica and mather North, too expensive

Ursena is one of the most sought after tanks in the game. Look at the Top 25 players in the Leaderboard for proof. Alberich is nice to have, but you seem to have enough to manage well. I’m not sure Alberich will be seen again in 2020 Atlantis. They are rotating only two previous HOTM’s per Atlantis event.