I call BS on this

Wow… so you only got the special up in the ascension… If you did about 16 10 hero feeds (50% 1* and 50% 2*) your odd of being so unlucky are about 0.3%. I have leveled 29 4* and 5* heroes to the “Compass” limit and only have Sir Lance stuck at level 3/60 with his special frozen @ 7/8.

Bummer of a hero to get this bad luck, at least you still have a good chance of having a nice special level when you hit 2/60.

edited per @Wharflord’s comments.

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You’re right that the chance of the special only being at 2/8 is very low. I have to take issue with your graph however, since it is impossible for a hero at 2/60 to have a special at 1/8 since they have ascended once.


For 2.36 he did less than 15 10 hero feeds.

Duh… I feel stupid (in a thankful way). Thanks for pointing out the obvious, I fixed the original presentation.


Per the leveling up data I have: Completing Tier 1 for a 5* hero requires 26,810 xp. Another 22,383 xp is required to level a 5* to 2/36. Since I assumed 5 1* heroes and 5 2* heroes you would net 3,240 xp (at 180, 468 each, respectively) for 10x leveling session. Thus 9 10x feeding would be required to get through the first ascension and ~7 to mid level 36. This is the basis of my numbers.

Sure if he used more 2* heroes than 5 per 10x leveling the total number would go down. Why I spent the time to put a number on it is beyond me.

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I didn’t know of that Google Docs spreadsheet. What I used are the formulas from here:

They give a bit less exp for some levels, but most importantly I got the last level off by one. I think your spreadsheet is better.

Still, for that 9 10x feeding they’d have to use 10 heroes for the last Tier 1 feeding when 3 might’ve been enough.

Anyhow, whether it’s 0.3% or 0.4%, that Aeron was very unlucky.

I wish i could take credit for the spreadsheet… but it is not mine. I can’t remember who put it together. maybe @Coppersky?

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I don’t think I’ve seen that spreadsheet before. I do know someone put together a calculator that would figure out all you need to ascend, including mats…
I’ll look for it if anyone’s interested!

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Here is some more info. i have completed 3more and still it is stuck at 2/8.

So let’s just say 20 tries at approximately 30% each time and it still hasn’t leveled once? Like I said. It’s BS.

I think I stole all of your luck. The first ascension maxed him.

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For those especially stubborn heroes that won’t increase their special after 2nd ascension I switch over to single 1 star hero one at a time. It’s been working for me.


I have a Morgan who stuck to 4/8 in her special all the way to 2/60. I haven’t had the resources to prioritise ascending her further yet, but I might start with a fresh one whenever I do get to it…

I have done this on several 3* heroes versus burning through trainers with no benefit. At least then, I will have an army of Berdens to comfort me at night. Weather it is more successful and resource efficient I don’t know, but it is easier on the soul.

I believe it is this spreadsheet:

I’m gonna do that. I’ve got this guy:

Have been doing 10 1* “mostly blue” heroes to feed. This is the only stuck guy.

Main Aeron going fast

Are you planning on taking him to 3/60 or 4/70?

That’s good info for my future ascensions and levelling heroes…
Thank you all!!!

My original plan was 4/70. I’m not happy with his progress so far, though…

jesus take him to 70. Do not fall into the “oh his special isn’t coming along, ill start over on another kiril from level 1”.

there’s soooo many levels left. between 27 70+ hereos on my main and 15 on my alt plus 5 on my sons, I’ve NEVER had a 4 or 5 star hero NOT be 8/8 by level 70.


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