I bought gems and didn't recived them

Buyed ofer for 2800 gems they take money no gems

I buyed ofer for 2800 gems and din’t get them and take money i’m sick of this things when SG don’t help

Here’s what SG recommends for helping with not getting your gems after an order:


If that doesn’t work for you, and you need help opening a support ticket, just reply to this post and I’ll be happy to walk you through it.

  1. “Options” button in the game menu
  2. Select the “Support” tab at the top
  3. Click “Support” button

Good luck!

Tnx i tryed everything and not even responce from nobady and happened today 8 h ag0

Tnx tryed allready i hope they do something it’s 33€

I’m sorry. That would be really frustrating.

It can easily take them 24h to turn around a support ticket, so don’t give up hope. They’ve answered every ticket I’ve ever submitted, so I’m confident they will get back to you as soon as they can.

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Don’t panic! The same thing happened to me a while back with a 10,000 gem purchase!! I filled out the support ticket through the app with a screenshot of my iTunes receipt. I had the gems in my inbox in 24 hrs with an epic hero token for my trouble:) good luck!!


Thank you i buyed before gems this happened first time

I didn"t even recive any gems for my 33€ offer and nobody responce to me on all my questions

Hey modeator help me i didn’t get any gems from 33€ ofer for 2800 gems

@Tutix I understand it can be frustrating waiting for a reply to posts, but please don’t go posting to the end of a bunch of different threads when your initial thread hasn’t been answered instantly.

If you need moderator attention, you can type @name-of-moderator, for example @zephyr1, in the body of a post. That will show up in the moderator’s notification list when they log into the forum.

The forum isn’t an instant-reply kind of thing, and it isn’t set up for dealing with individual account issues. If you have an individual account issue (like missing gems), I’d encourage you to search http://support.smallgiant.com for possible fixes, and then submit a support ticket if necessary.

People here will try to help you as we have time, but that’s really your best bet for a quick fix.


Hey @Tutix, unfortunately moderators are just players. We can’t help with account issues.

I’d suggest checking this article:


If that doesn’t help, you should contact-support