I bought a dragon for my castle. Can I buy another dragon at the same time?

I bought a dragon and it is on the castle now Can I buy another dragon at the same time This is my question

As far as I know, if you get another one, it will just add time to your current VIP. I also heard that if you have more then one, you can change the color but I haven’t tried that myself

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Don’t know about the color thing, but boomboom is correct. Purchasing a second iteration of the VIP pass adds another 30 days to the end of your current one.

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To clarify for the OP, the addition of a second VIP pass (another dragon), won’t double what you are getting. You won’t for instance be getting a 4x builder.

As the other posters mentioned, you’ll be getting 60 days instead of 30 days.

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Really wish I could move the dragon next to a farm, I think everyone deserves some BBQ after all that boring old plain ham. :meat_on_bone:


Thank you for your answer

I want a Dragon for a Hero. Lol

That was explicitly added in the last version, so yes. If you go to the VIP screen in the shop, you can select your dragon color if you have both available.

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