I bet everyone gets tired of this but..Help please? Who to level up?

I’m very C2P, have finally rounded up a nice squad of 4* heros, but only have the mats currently to Ascend either Chao or Li Xiu. Any suggestions as to which one is “better”? My other heros of any note are Rigard, Scarlett, Boldtusk (just got) Kashkrek, and the odd pairing of Ameonna x2

Li Xiu. Even for a 4* sniper type hero, chao isn’t all that. His mana cut is what sets him apart from the others, so you may as well go for Li, wait an extra turn and cut it from everyone. Their base stats are about the same.

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I’d agree and go for Li Xiu. Normally I’d tell you to go with Chao because fast snipers are always useful, but you already have Scarlett and are lacking hitters. Li Xiu is going to do some damage but also slow everyone down so you can make the best use of Rigard, BT, and Kashrek.

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Hi @TheBadShepherd.

I hope we aren’t getting tired of advice threads… it’s one of the most useful features on the forum.

I have both and prefer Li, but neither are exceptional or awful. Li worked better as a tank than I expected.

I actually usually use them as a pair because the mana cut is much more effective when it lasts more than a turn.

There’s loads of good Chao advice here:


Li Xiu over chao easily. As was already said, Chao doesn’t hit very hard so it’s the mana cut you want. Li xiu cuts the entire field of mana. Chao is only really useful when you have multiple chaos leveled and they can tag team a target, because his mana cut on a single target is effectively useless when you hit the target with 3 tiles they gain all that mana back.

Since you do not have a rainbow 4* team, I would level both to 4* 3.60 which takes the same Heroes XP as leveling one to 4* 4.80 but only needs 1*, 2* ascension items.

Since they both fill different niches and 4* 3.60 are the most powerful heroes with 1*, 2* ascension items, they will both improve your roster.

Once you have a rainbow 4* 3.60 team, you will have a better idea which yellow 4* in your roster to level to 4* 4.1 .

I was leveling a Chao for War and raids ( I have 4* 4.70 Wu Kong, 4* 3.60 Wu Kong, Hu Tao, Li Xiu ) but then I got Joon ( taking to 5* 3.70 based on my situation and forum advice) and Guardian Jackal ( taking to 4* 4.70 ) so I need the Hero XP for them. But eventually I will level Chao to 4* 3.60.

I do think single target mana reduction needs to be increased to 3*= 40%, 4*= 50%, 5*= 60% to bring them in parity with Merlin/ Gretel/ Hansel but Chao’s fast mana speed snipe is still useful in a 4* yellow.

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I got loads of good advice when I started, paying it forward is always an honor.


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