I believe I have a bug

I have been thinking this for awhile. It started about 4 months ago when I noticed feeder hero’s just disappearing. I can not find the paper I wrote the dat Ana time on. I know it was a Sunday in January about 9:00 pacific time zone. I filled up the hero roster put the phone down to get a cup of coffee when I went to ascend a hero I noticed 30 feeder hero’s gone. Now there is a 1 on the gem bag that I can not get removed. I click on it it takes me to purchase gems I click on featured it goes away. Then when I back out it comes back. Have also noticed since the update the chests are nothing you would not get in providence 9 season 1. In all the chests. I don’t raid anymore because I always get crap boards in raids. Also have noticed when using 2 or more of a color I get about 75% of the colors i don’t need. I did am experiment with different color combinations always leaving out 1 or 2 colors. No matter what colors i used I got mostly the color tiles I was not using every single time. So random is not even in the picture. Have been using tc20 for over a month and got 2 4* the rest 3*. Also noticed at times it takes 4 or 5 tries to get a tile to move and a lot of the time it moved the wrong way. Also I am missing a couple emblems I believe. I had like 3 barbarian emblems left after using on Yunan. Next day they were not there. I Have had enough. Can this be looked into please to see where my stuff is going?

                        Thank you
                     Sir Fightsalot

As far as I’m concerned this is the only common problem we seem to have…

This is not unusual.
I raid all the time. Diamond-level, even.
Been playing since 10/2017 and there is nothing wrong with the RNG of the boards.
It’s more unlikely to get a ‘good’ board than it is to get a ‘bad’ board.
Random DOES come into the picture, it exists whether you believe in it or not.
I challenge you to take a screen capture of 30 consecutive raid boards with a 2 or 3 stack. Review your results. I run 3-2, 4-1 and lately have been having lots of fun with mono-teams.

Have been using tc20 for over a month and got 2 4* the rest 3*.

I have done over 100 trainings and gotten 3 five-stars.
My best friend has done 60 trainings and got 9 five-stars.
It’s random.
Odds are best for tc20 to get a 5*. Run 4x20 for 2 weeks. Count the 5* you get.
You’ll get one, or your money back.

Unfortunately, with the rest of your post, I cannot take any of your other ‘bugs’ very seriously. I’m not trying to be mean, it’s just not real.

I am having issues I am fighting stages on the mat and it says I am getting the items but when I go into craft I don’t have the items that I was supposed to get

Is the issue that the items are not showing as new? If so, not all items display the ‘+1’, etc identifier. That is only applied to 3* mats and higher. This may be what you are experiencing.

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As there are five colors, you would expect to get ~80% gems in colors you did not stack. If you’re only seeing 75% then you have actually been fortunate. That said, there has been extensive work done on whether or not boards are ‘fair.’ You can easily search and find those threads. But the bottom line is that, every one that shows actual data collection comes to the same conclusion: the boards are random and fair. If you feel otherwise, I suggest you gather and present your data.

As for the rest, it is extremely difficult to read this post. I’d suggest some paragraph breaks to improve readability. But it sounds like you’re not carefully tracking and maintaining your inventory. Again, if you feel differently, it is on your to present actual evidence.

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I’m starting to hate this game. It’s been 2 months and no 5* heroes from tc, all my boards are giving me 1 match hits. I have the hero power to win my fights but if I’m dead before their specials are powered, what’s the point of playing. I’m losing war and raid battles not to mention the Titans. Very frustrating and pathetic. Not spending money on this game anymore to keep being f’d in the a… this needs some looking into and needs to be fixed[date=2019-02-27 time=08:59:00 timezone=“America/Los_Angeles”]

I’m sorry I put it in wrong if I do a battle on the map say season 1 Province 11 and it has mushrooms and wood in it once I defeat it it shows up right after defeat as I got the items when I go to craft to use those items they are not there

Your best course of action is to take a screenshot of your inventory…then do a farming run, and screenshot any loot, troops etc. you get. Then go back and check your inventory again and if they are not there take another screenshot and submit those along with a support ticket.

I have seen several people claiming ascension and crafting items, as well as troops, missing from inventory…….so it may or may not be a bug. The best way to get it fixed if it is, would be proof of what is happening.

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