I believe ... But disappointed

I’m disappointed … For a year and a half I’ve played your game empires and puzzles intensively … I sleep late, I wake up early and wake up at night to play the game, besides playing in my work all the time … I do not make much money (only 675 euros per month) but even so , I already spent some money um the game that I needed in my life to have a chance to grow in the game and compete a little with the strong ones… But this time I think it was the end … I really am unhappy with the game … I wanted the hero of the month (Ranvir) to became stronger against titans and so I added chips, gems, bought more gems and summoned the medals I could … I made twelve or thirteen calls this month and nothing … Last time did eight in a row. Today two more … It has happened to me more times in other months and I think it must be normal … Another exemple of that, i wait for twenty days in a row to research ten legendary heroes in the training camp ct20 … I was expecting at least one 5 * but not … I’m tired … whenever have a specific hero that I desire, that will never came to me … I can not compete with who spends € 1500/2000 per month but you also do not give a chance that this happens … We already have lots of dificult to win ingredients and materials … I know you have to win profits and I know they are well deserved but for this to happen they have to feed the dream and the ambition of those who cannot … People like me are giving up every day to play … All because the dream is not fed by you … I think that I will soon be one of them … Sometimes it is better to have customers who spend some money for a lot of time than to spend a lot and then quit … I’m sorry for the outburst but that’s how I feel … Thank you and despite everything work hard because here has a great game …


Just play this game 4 free. And don’t spend. U won’t regret anything.

Patiently build tower camp lv.20 and u eventually will get free 5* heroes.


My friend… Camp 20 at last almost 1 year…

Without sounding offensive, but I think you may have the wrong expectations of the game TBH. Firstly -
You do not need to spend $1500-2000 a month to be a competitive player. I have played near when the game first started and I have probably spent at maximum $1000 (AUS) in that whole time and have a roster of 32 5* heros. A lot will come down to luck. I have hit top 5 world wide a few times but within a few minutes I drop down pretty quick, that’s the nature of the game.

Secondly- You have a 1.3% chance of pulling the HOTM on a EHT or summon (not daily tokens or troops) so the odds are not in our favour, doing 30 + a month and not pulling the HOTM is completely normal. Some get it in one try, some try 100+ and don’t get it , again the nature of the game.

I would not be blaming the game , end of the day it is the players choice to play, not the games and its developers. My advice is do not spend any money on the game and you will enjoy it far more. You will void the disappointment of spending and not getting anything on your return.


Try more with TC20,with 6 research 1 got kashhrek,scarlett,magni and 3 of 3*

TryToStopMe, I hear exactly what you are saying. Free players and low spenders cannot compete with those who spend lots of cash. Pulling 5* heroes from a TC20 is GREAT but those heroes do not match up to Guin, Hel, Ares, Alberich, etc. I often get hundreds of trophies raided from me, and I go into most tournaments and events knowing I have no chance to truly compete. For those people saying, “just lower your expectations”, that’s a sad state of affairs to expect a suboptimal experience.

There’s been a lot of discussion about the balance of F2P / C2P / and P2P in this game. There are, in fact, some very competitive players who have spent little to nothing in the game. It requires patience and luck.

There is always going to be a gap between those who spend and those who don’t—if there weren’t, SGG would be bankrupt. But this gap is everywhere in life. I enjoy bicycling, but even in my younger days I was never going to be competitive because I couldn’t afford the elite gear nor the time off from work to train intensively.

All that said, I do wish that the nested layers of RNG weren’t so bad in this game. This plague afflicts players of all budgets. We’ve lost high-profile players over this issue, too. You can run four TC20s for a year and not get any 5* heroes—unlikely but possible. You can make a thousand draws during Avalon and not draw Guinevere.

Emblems are a nice shift in the game rewards structure. They’re still random drops, but they occur so often that you can see the slow-but-sure progress towards a goal. Innovation along these lines for rare ascension mats and heroes would help reduce frustartion.


I sympathise with you, and I am frustrated that my last 20 or so pulls with carefully saved atlantis coins netted me nothing of real use, but I disagree with this statement.

With vanilla heroes (i.e. those available from the TC20) you can do “well” in tournaments for 3* and 4*.

5* tournaments will of course favour those with more 5* heroes to pick and choose from but even then you can place decently if you use what you have. Most people raiding in diamond against full 5* teams do so with a mixture of heroes that includes 4*.

Gotta just get in there and have a go, it costs you nothing but a little raiding time.

If you spend anything just get the vip pass and save your gems and just grind. Sucks to say but everything else is random. Hang in there.

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I have to go along with what they say about the money part as.well as the rest it is an unattainable quest trying to get enough steel, an 4*& 5* heros. Especially when you can’t even pick the ones you want. I’ve been trying to for 2 yrs at least I have lost cell phones and had to restart 4 times. Each time I was at level 15 now I’m at 18 and I am wondering how I can ever attain 19 let alone 21 to convert to a more productive balance.

10 summons from TC20 is very, very unlikely to yield a 5* hero. Considering the average TC20 odds, if you’re hoping to get a 5*, you should have two TC20s running simultaneously. If RNG cooperates, you should get a 5* within 2-3 months, along with a small assortment of 4*.

Keep in mind this is not guaranteed, you could have great luck and get more than one 5*, or you could have horrible luck and get zero. That’s how it works.

As for buying gems, if you don’t earn much money, you shouldn’t spend very much on the game. The summon odds are very low, and you will be throwing away hard earned money that you should be using on more important things.

Life first, game second. Think of it this way: take the money you have. Pay for the things you need first. Whatever is left, you can use however you want. If you enjoy the game and you’re excited to have the opportunity to pull more good heroes, go ahead and use your leftover money for that. But also keep in mind that the summon odds are low, so before spending, ask yourself: how would you feel if you accidentally flushed that money down a toilet? Obviously not happy, no one would be happy about that. But if you know you would still be okay, emotionally and financially, then you can safely spend that money on the game.

EDIT: oops, didn’t realize this was an old thread. Just clicked on one of the topics on the bottom of my screen… sorry for necro. But my point still stands, and it’s just as applicable today as it was 1 month ago or 1 year ago.


10X2 for Evelyn / Kunchen plus few more single pulls, approx 30 on each attempts

Didn’t get them both nor any 5* from Avalon / Wonderland / Atlantis.

Only reason I didn’t quit because already pouring my dime and time too much.


Maybe, If you still playing I wish you luck getting Miki this August HoM, way more cooler than Ranvir for sure.

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