I Beat Morlovia with Team Power 2798!

I amazed myself by overachieving with a team of four 3-60 rare (Scarlett, Cyprian, Rigard, Tibertus) and one ascended Bane.

Started the Boss fight with full health and unloaded 5 Bomb Attacks and 5 Axe Attacks to soften up the Victor/Vlad/Valeria trio.


Can’t wait for the next Challenge Event!


Gratz to this gloriouse victory!
I personally still like to use Cyp even when I now have purple 5*s.
His counterattack is great against strong enemies :slight_smile:

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Congrats, never count yourself out. With the right heros and the right items these are beatable events. The team power suggested is a bit on the high end.

Good luck in the next one!


Was your 4th slot a mana pot to fire up rigard to heal?

Congratulations on completing the event (since you didn’t say in your excitement, I assume it is the Advanced too) in your power level.

Not to totally negate your hard earned victory at your power level. But as someone has pointed out in another thread, this was a mid/low risk to high achievement type of event. Why? Because your risk was not matching up the pumpkin tiles and have they explode on your entire party, and if you have good healers, you can compensate for the damages done. The high reward was exactly because of those pumpkins filling up your mana faster than you normally would in a double dip fashion (matching gets you a fast charge on the spot, and the tiles being sent out charges again, which is really efficient for ghosting tiles and charging/firing off specials at a faster clip).

That being said, if those were your highest classed heroes, using them seemed without question. But the fact that you made it slightly challenging was because your three purples will have to rely heavily on their specials because Victor/Vlad are strong against Purple, and your strong tile damager was Bane (which probably didn’t make too much difference in the advance tier levels, but you are mostly relying on his fast charge and Harmonic Slam and the same with Scarlet on the mana front).

It is a good thing you have Rigard because he is basically free heal + Antidote to negate anything bad done to your side from the vampires immediately before they cause any further harm. Tiburtus is there for debuff and hopefully get some good shot in with Scarlet or Bane right after. Cyprian is probably the most helpful in helping with overall damage output because of Riposte.

Well done and can serve as a good example for new players.

@sleeperZ96BT The fourth slot was minor mana potions. The goal was not to run out before the boss round, but sometimes things don’t go according to plan!

@Shohoku79 yes it was advanced, and yes I was excited! I’ve only been playing about 2 months, f2p until about 10 days ago when I signed up for VIP.

I’m still figuring out the rare quests and seasonal/challenge events. The last time Pirates of Corellia appeared, I had just started and was happy to get far enough for the extra summon tokens.

Those are my highest class heroes. I have only one other 4-star (Kelile) but she’s only ascended to the second tier right now.

Rigard is amazing! I was so lucky to get him early.

Thanks for the reply and the encouragement. I’m working on SH 15 now and hoping to level up a Training Camp to 20 before too long so I can start pulling for 5-star heroes.


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