I beat 5* Guardian challenge without continue 75 gems

Hello guys and gals, (Galantepoff9@gmail.com) The Kid Poffy here. I had beaten the last of 3 levels around time event ended. I do not use 75gems to continue so it was a 26 min battle at the end after I got panther then Kong out of the way I was able to beat Owl. I had close calls but was able to win with all my heroes pretty much full. I had a late start bc I was farming for roots and nuggets… So I leveled got my item and got in for final and finished, I think after event ended… Must have been a minute or 2 but I beat it looking for a legendary token and other items. I hope you can help me out with complete items out of top… My advanced score was 65k I believe. Thank you, Ryan (The Kid Poffy)


Same thing happened to me in the pirates event. Didnt get the rewards. Did contact support and i got a response. Cant tell u any specifics. I still don’t have those mats though

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Oh man that was a battle

I should have just used 75 gems last night but I don’t feel I’m getting better if I do yano

I hear ya. 75 gems can be worth it though. Get the completion rewards then further challenge yourself by bettering your scores on each level.

I guess, my advanced team was 3600…only 5 star I used was Liana, my only other is justice.Lol I’m running 3 20’S I HAVE 22 leveled 4 *s… Im good at wars lol… But I want a game changer after all this time

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