I am wei kingdom for w3k March, going with purple tank!

By seeing in last w3k and minimize chaos like last time trying atleast to co-ordinate in some way (maynot work at all but still something).

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No point in coordinating the whole kingdom, trying to coordinate in one warband would be hard enough.
Wei too and I prefer red or green :wink:
Better wait for prepartion phase and use in-game chat, here is not very likely your warband allies will read it.

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Me okay red or green.

One hour more and we will know what warband we are (or that game crashes again).

Wordclass Scorpions now… :). Hope can get few of them to cordinate

Ya , just wanted to be sure before it crashes :). Now I am in world-class scorpions and can chat there. Thanks;)

Me Resilient Samurai.

I’m in the Agile Caribous.

Relentless Chimeras for me

I’m in world-class scorpions too! :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi blem. In game chat ?

Pale want to coordinate tanks in my group as well… But we may be one guy rocking 1&2* heroes on defense… Unleveled… So… The problem really is that we are all just mercenaries and very few people will do what is best for the group.

Don’t matter about coordinating tanks, how you gonna coordinate if all of the chat speaks different languages? This is truly a FFA

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Emoji language…:moyai::blonde_man::blonde_man::blonde_man::blonde_man::japanese_ogre:

You mean like this :

Defence :blue_heart::green_heart::purple_heart::heart::yellow_heart: okay ?

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We currently have multiple languages and multiple imojis in my war chat.
It’s all getting confusing as hell
I feel like I will be battling in a parallel universe lol
Good luck everyone

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