I am very happy to repeat it again. Zynga cheats players

As a F2P i don’t expect to keep up with all the top players. I don’t mind not getting the new heroes.

What does bother me is the ridiculous high odds of getting s1 heroes in (almost) every damn portal. Even the 3* heroes from an event are so so rare to get. Also the ways to get a hold of currency for 1 pull is not fun. Seadragons of atlantis, goblins and bats being a prime example. Also the towers. Only 1-2 pulls after hours of tedious fighting.

But hey, now after doing 100 failed pulls going after a nice legendary, they even give us the option of choosing a s1 5* in the fated summon.

They just laugh in our face.


Just as we are all very well aware of how you choose to reinterpret what others say here.


I don’t think your numerous posts about your perceived “unfairness” of this game can be considered a “stereotype”.

Yes. I must be antagonizing because I’m not on your “I refuse to spend anything and it’s not fair” band wagon. Anyone that isn’t in agreement with you must “talk a lot”. :joy:


Nothing to “reinterpret”. It’s all in your comments.

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It’s gambling. I absolutely agree that odds are horrible and advocating to change the odds is what should be done. At the very least lower the odds of pulling old heroes/even have them replaced by heroes from older seasons (other than S1) on a rotating schedule.

There are many ways this could be done to appease many brackets of the player base. Claiming “chea ting” or getting disgruntled because you gambled and didn’t get what you want from a couple of pulls with really bad odds just means gambling isn’t your thing and it’s good many don’t spend.


The odds of legendaries does stink. Been very unhappy with my pull results this month and will definitely lower my spending in this game as a result.


One Celidana in the last 120 pulls , i am stoping here.

:joy::joy: The only one reading into it too literally is you and you’re “I’m owed something for my couple of free pulls” otherwise I’m che ated mentality. Thanks for the laughs, lil’ man.

As personally frustrating the odds are for me most of the time, I like the odds because they are the most contributing factor that has led to the longevity of the game.

I support concepts such as long-term player 5* hero rewards, or a guaranteed 5* hero reward at the completion of each season (hard). Or reducing the ratio of S1 heroes in the portals. But I think if the overall odds were improved then it would lead to the rapid death of the game.

This goes doubly for you. You, and others like you, are more than happy to attack players who don’t condemn any and all actions and design decisions by SGG.


I think that might have been more true in the past, with a more leisurely pace of hero release, but with the increasing influx, it’s quite possible the odds could be doubled and there would still be no keeping up for the vast majority.

(And even if more of the luckiest and/or spendiest players kept up due to increased odds, there’d still be all the other resource bottlenecks which would be driving sales of additional ascension materials, emblems, limit breaks, etc.)

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I have to concede, new shiny toys are always nice. But if they increase the drop rates for new 5* heroes, the power creep would be much steeper! If you raid in the 2800* area you will start meeting the new event heroes.
If you double the drop rate you will meet them next week in the gold arena.
That will be an outcry, if every kid, cashing 50$ from a birthday present would get a full team of A+ heroes, smashing defenses of players 2+ years in the game.

It would require you to spend more to stay relevant in midtier, and lessened the pressure to spend from top tier.
At the end I think the top tier players would save some money and many midtier players would skip. In addition the revenue would drop and the game might die. It is a very difficult decission to change basic game parameters after a long time.
They improved access to heroes through HA10, SE and now fated summons, thats a good and measured way!

Happy gaming


As frustratingly low as the odds are in the portals I find that as an f2p(ish) player my relative success with pulls has balanced out fairly well with my relative success at getting the required 4* AM’s. Increasing one without the other would result in just as much frustration and increased pressure to spend that I don’t want or need. Overall I find I am still regularly levelling a full set of 5 heroes – albeit most these days are newer 3* and 4*.

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I seriously doubt that — even if literally everyone got every hero ever (and see below), folks in gold… and platinum… and even the lower half of diamond don’t have the resources to level new acquisitions INSTANTLY.

We’ve seen “instant Annes” because the people who can afford to chase, e.g., Anne specifically with multi-hundred-pulls are largely the same people who can also afford to instantly level/ascend/emblem/LB her.

I will concede that suddenly doubling the odds would seem less than fair to folks who have struggled along at the current horrible odds for years!

But at the same time, that’s not what $50 would do: doubling the current odds would mean roughly a 5% chance of any 5*, so assuming a roughly 1-summon-per-USD ratio, a $50 spend would result in most likely two or three 5* heroes, of which one or two would be S1 and/or HotM. So $50 would get maybe one non-S1, non-HotM hero, which wouldn’t necessarily guarantee an A+ hero (even with escalating power rush).

And for some random player, getting one OP hero doesn’t mean (as mentioned above) that it will be ready to go anytime soon, certainly.

$50 would be nowhere near a full team of A+ heroes, or even one fully ready A+ hero, even with doubled summoning odds.

But look: I’m not actually advocating changing the overall summon odds (though it’s a discussion I will obviously enter here) — I’d agree it would be better that more (or all) portals should at least remove S1 (or at least, non-costumed S1) heroes from the potential pool of draws.

To me, the real problem — and unfairness — is the escalating power rush not only of the power of individual new heroes but the number of them. It means that the “haves” can currently, by massive spending, so outclass “have nots” (even veteran F2P, VC2P, and arguably C2P players) because this year’s heroes increasingly outclass older heroes by so much.

To be fair, it does help a little that Pity Counter and SE can help fill roster gaps somewhat, but this isn’t power creep any more, where the improvement in hero strength is largely incremental and slow enough that “have nots” can try to adapt over time or even slowly catch up.

I’m not saying that spending shouldn’t provide any advantage, lest folks stop spending at all, but there has to be a middle ground between “why spend at all” and “pure pay to win” and when increasingly the viable counters to “newest hero X” is “other newest hero Y” it’s leaning much more toward the latter.

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So, you’re advocating for a business to disregard their business and viability to provide that middle ground so players like you that don’t spend can theoretically keep up or catch up with the pace of those that spend and keep this game alive?

Whether you want to accept it or not, like it not, the devs have done a lot to improve the F2P side of things in this game. Of course it’s no where near the P2W level, but it shouldn’t be. As a business, you want to provide what sells. And what sells here? New, shiny, more powerful heroes that should in every sense demolish what you as a F2P have. That’s why they have different raid brackets, different playing fields as far as scoring in events/challenges/etc goes.

Incremental power creep? Who’d spend money for that? Certainly not the ones that keep this a running business that’s actually of decent quality and not swamped with adverts on every 5th tap.

If someone spends more than me I don’t expect them to want to be in the sam league as myself and they don’t want to either. That’s why they spend and what they get for their money.

Things could still improve, but not in any of these senses. You keep mentioning removing the S1 heroes from portals. They already have those. CF1, CF2, and soon a CF3. Those portals sure as heck contain heroes most F2Ps would love to have.

And FYI, F2Ps can max a hero within a day or two as well. I know a few that hoard resources for that reason and when they hit the RNG jackpot, it’s maxed. Not every F2P does the slow 5 hero leveling thing like you do to “maximize” the resources.

I am very new to the game and have spent $0.00 since the start 6 weeks ago.
I only “pull” my free daily coins and take the time to watch the 30 second video links for the additional “pull”. I was able to pull last month HOTM, which is my only 5* hero and the rest are 3* for my main team.
I am at level 21, stronghold at 13,TC @13, and since leveling up to 13… I seem to only get 3* hero’s or below. I have converted a building to level up my Troops but I am getting a little bored with the game…
That said, I guess I have no reason to complain because I have just invested time, which there is a cost to, but nothing out of pocket thus far!
I will continue to explore Season2 and maybe finish Seson1 at some point…
I posted because I must have been very very lucky to pull HOTM this quick in the game and I should be grateful… which I am!

This game is BS. Ive played for 5 years now, and inless you spend a full paycheck every week you can not keep up. Ppl who have played less than 2 years the pur in thousands per month can kick my @$$. This game is bull $#*%

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I remember this stste of play well.
Do not level troops except 4* mabs/ magic/ cycloos troops. At your dtate dont level troops st all. Wait tull you are player level 45+. TC13 sucks, sace your tesdources snd go ad fadt as possible to Lvl20. Bring two TCs to 20 and try to train 5* heroes.
Happy gaming

This mischaracterizes what I’m saying.

A business quite arguably disregards its business when it decides that only the biggest (or, increasingly nearly so) of its customers matter — I am arguing that a business should balance catering to a small number of big spenders with also catering to a much larger number of smaller spenders, as well as an even larger number of occasional or non spenders who may become spenders or greater spenders if induced.

You may or may not have noted that I did outright acknowledge the pity counter and SE, but it is indeed (as you acknowledge) much less - I appreciate that there is some gesture for less-spending players (whether the true motive is actually more about avoiding anti-gambling laws in various locales), but getting a 2-3 year old 5* hero once every few months is hardly even a tilted balance against dozens of brand new 5* heroes every month.

Quite a few people, if the first few years of this game are any indication. At the very least, the rate of hero power increase and of releases were once arguably significantly less than they currently are — certainly, comparatively, there was incremental power creep, relative to the current releases.

If someone pays more than I do, I expect to be, say, a lightweight in a bout against a middleweight, so I may need to punch above my weight or be at a significant disadvantage — and/or I expect to not be constantly matched up with heavyweights.

The analogy is admittedly inexact, as boxing mass isn’t the same “am I willing/able to spend one, two, three, or four digits of currency per month?” but I hope that it is illustrative.

Strangely enough, I am, in fact, aware of these. (To the extent that I save gems, coins, and my spending almost exclusively for these portals.)

also don’t get me started on the sheer number of Skrekoks

What I’m questioning is why so many of the other portals still have (non-costume) S1 heroes in them.

That may have made sense when S2 was new, and getting a S1 5* was still possibly a decent consolation. Things have moved along now enough that except for the currently newest players and/or unluckiest F2P, many or most S1 5* heroes are “welp one more tick toward SE and pity counter, I guess.” (The latter, as I have previously noted, is something, but getting 1/10th, 1/20th, or 1/100th of an older hero is still a shadow of a shadow of getting one newer hero.)

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First of all, thats the business design!
Someone who spends money has a bigger chance getting good heroes and materiald, so he can beat a regular ftp up.
You can compensate a bit with luck, skill and dedication. With skill I do not only think of manipulating boards, but composing teams and using ressources strategically. After nearly 3 years of ftp I can kick a lot of … including paying ones.
I will not say this game is very ftp friendly, but I know no other game where you have a real chance competing without paying big. Here this chance is slim but it is there!
Lets be fair. If you are bored after more than five years, thats another story, and understandable.

Happy gaming

There is merit to the longevity remark, particularly early in the game, but there needs to be a point where progress is better managed beyond luck. You touch on great ideas in the second paragraph that would address this, but also the recent addition of getting a 5* star after 100 failed summons is probably the best thing they’ve done in this area.

I raise this as a frustration having once summoned 3 x vivica in a week on non season one summons. The odds on that must be incredible, but it certainly didn’t feel lucky.

I also have a player on my alliance on level 65 who doesn’t have a 5* of every colour yet, which to me is astonishing (and not just the level of patience to still be playing with that poor luck).

Another thought would be to add some old hotm to the season 1 hero pool. Given those old hotm characters can’t compete with newer heroes, it won’t upset the balance of the game and it would give those with a tired roster something new to look for