I am very happy to repeat it again. Zynga cheats players

Its a pity, not even a rant with capital letters, ugly names or other interresting stuff!
Not even the usual keywords like „scam“, „greed“ or „ rip off“ are used.
No facts and no anecdotal explanation either, just boooring,

Let this thread die fast….


I know that there is some chance but did not need someone to present 7% chance as a solid one

You’re trying to bring in what your perception of morality and ethics maybe happens to be into this…which doesn’t apply for many reasons, mostly because it’s based on biased point of view of expecting more for nothing. Everything posted by everyone who’s done any data collecting in regards to pull rates confirms the posted odds as accurate. Meaning - it’s been the same across the board (including myself) - which is literally definition of fair based on the rules set forth by the owners of the business.

You/others not liking the rules because you expect more as players that do not spend is a whole different issue and has nothing to do with it. Morality/ethics go both ways.

It was such a poor attempt that I couldn’t even apply the Cheds Rantometer™️ to apply a score for it.


By the last soul summon portal I had five heroes of the month. I wish that they would cycle these heroes more often because I’m an average spender and I get more of these type heroes than the event heroes. All I do is let the summon animation completely play out for each hero that is presented. I don’t know how this plays into summons algorithm but it looks to me like my odds are better by letting it finished this. If I quick click through the heroes during summon I don’t get diddly squat.

sgg doesn’t tell us how their “appearance rates” are designed to function, they don’t necessarily tell us the probability of getting a specific hero. Unless someone has figured it out and I missed it, we don’t know if each roll is predetermined from a stack or independently generated.

We look at the information, our brains process the info, we rationalize the percentages to fit our model.

If we see 3 heroes featured at 1.5%, we “want” it to be 0.5% for any of the three. It doesn’t have to be 0.5% for each. It could be 1.3% for a specific one, 0.1% for the other two, respectively. With specific heroes being more prized by the players, I can tell you which of the two models above would generate more revenue (for a company trying to maximize revenue).

In the end, we don’t know.


I think that players who don’t believe the game parameters are accurate as published on this website and in the game itself should really quit right away. Spending time and money on an activity that you find frustrating and difficult to treat as pure entertainment just doesn’t seem healthy to me.


You not liking what others complain about is also a whole different issue, especially when you don’t really understand what they’re complaining about. Fair treatment will always have a moral clause to it. Being treated equally does not mean being treated fairly.


Everyone’s free to complain about whatever they choose to or chime in with their opinions. This was about a misguided perception of what “fair treatment” is, which literally does not include morality or ethics.

SG put in odds of 1%. Literally everyone, regardless of their race, age, sexual orientation, number of pulls, etc. has the same odds and it has been demonstrated to be accurate over and over again - literal definition of fair treatment.

Morality and ethics is something completely different and right vs wrong in a mobile game, especially when laws aren’t being circumvented, is very subjective. We’re not talking about life saving medication, groceries, housing, eduction costs. Luxuries vs necessities in people’s livelihoods are not the same and never should be treated as such. Oil companies posting record profits while ripping people off for a product most out there still need is a case of morality gone awry, not odds in a portal in a mobile video game that hasn’t been changed since game launched.

I’m very well aware of what they’re complaining about. Refuse to spend but expect to keep up with everything that’s happening within the game, to be able to cruise through content, get great pulls, etc. just like the spenders do, don’t want to adapt, change their approaches, and many other things I’ve read numerous of times. Greed (this one I’ll never understand coming from those that don’t spend and never have), power creep, bait/switch, are all common complaints in every single game from players that choose to enjoy the product for free. What they don’t seem to understand is that this is a business. Free side vs paid for side will always be at the ends of two different spectrum. And no, your time isn’t a currency. We all choose to spend it however we want.

Randomness? Where do you find randomness in this game? But maybe you are right,
what I interpreted as calculated and consciously arranged could have been caused by the lack of math knowledge on the part of the developers :thinking:
:Sarcasm off:

I don’t think Zynga cheats. I’ve paid for some pulls, and at other times, I did not pay. So I’m not a f2p player, but I don’t spend tons and tons of money each month on this game.

However, what I can say (since it happened to me), zynga doesn’t have great security and my data is not out there, because their website got hacked a few years back. So I’m very reluctant to use their web store…

So, be careful.

One out of 15 people will do 200 pulls without getting a HotM. It’s just not that special.

If you don’t like being paraphrased then perhaps next time provide a legitimate response

There are those who wonder why anyone would post a topic like this or in this fashion, and/or who try to deconstruct arguments against SG/Zynga/summon odds/the game design generally.

Then there’s me wondering why some forumites feel so invested in defending the company/game practices.



True. We can’t know as the OP never went in to detail on how they feel that zynga cheats us.

I only feel cheated in this game when i summon. Yes, i know the odds, but the people on this forum who jump to defend the game when people complain with comments around knowing the odds really annoy me. Knowing the odds does not make the odds right. If people are okay with the odds, they should say that, not attack those who don’t like them.

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You didn’t paraphrase anything except make up nonsense. You’re free to do as you wish, but anyone can differentiate between what is said and what you’re “quoting”.

This perfectly summarizes your point of view :joy:

You only don’t like the odds because you don’t like what you get from a couple of pulls. You see how that works now?

Do you work for zynga?

Stop being their apologist

Oh right. Anyone who doesn’t happen to buy into your “I feel chea ted because I didn’t get anything good in my 2 free pulls” theory and isn’t making silly claims must work for Zynga and acts as their apologist. Solid rational reasoning flow.


En verdad fue muy decepcionante ver invocaciones por 30 y sacar 28 héroes de 3* y 2 de 4* …

It’s, actually, your perception that is flawed, being based on a streotype. Everyone that doesn’t like the status quo and dares say it out loud is expecting evreything for nothing… you have no idea what you’re talking about, you just enjoy antagonizing… and talking a lot…