I am very happy to repeat it again. Zynga cheats players

I am very happy to repeat it again. Zynga cheats players.


Perhaps use your money on guaranteed S1EHT and save for SE or just quit spending


Bad odds doesn’t equal foul play. Unless you’ve got some other evidence we’re not aware of.


You’re cheating yourself by wasting time here.


You’re going to get mobbed,

But here is a thought by someone who’s been around a while:

The thought being that your device gets ping’d by a pseudorandom generator when you make a pull. The generator is using some information from your device and then populates a result. This was proven during beta gate.
I believe Hellfire is suggesting that the generator is accessing a time stamp.

That would be very simple to code actually, and all our accounts will have one.

I don’t think proving it would be difficult either:

  1. Make a new account each month.
  2. At the end of the month make as many pulls as you farm up.
  3. Make the same number of pulls with you OLDEST account.
  4. Record the results.

If recent time stamps get a pathway with boosted odds, data points would reveal that over time.

The reasoning behind harvesting fresh blood without the risk of bad RnG interfering does not sound preposterous.

Though… if the end result was lifting the pathway once the time stamp expires past a set amount of time and exposing the player to the same horrible odds as everyone else, then… would that be che@ting?
I suppose… it could be… if they were able to hand out such a thing to their friends and preferred customers.

But the amount of time to collect the data sounds like an added chore too…
Not exactly what older players need from a game that begins to feel like a chore

Anyway… good luck with the blanket statement.


I did over 200 pulls this month and did not get hotm


Jesus christ…one 400 pulls other thread…here 200 pulls…speechless


To quote from the warnings at the top of every HOTM thread:

  • 5 out of every 100 people won’t get the HOTM by the 229th pull

So not getting one is not as rare as you would like to think.


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I have every sympathy for all of us who get mediocre heroes when we use diamonds or tokens etc for pulls.
I can empathise because my last 30 pull didn’t get me any of the shiny new OP heroes that we all chase…
But to be fair it’s not a “cheat” as you are suggesting…
We all know the odds in each summons portal and we all know the odds for getting the HOTM …
So we try our luck, make a pull and hope for the best …
Sometimes you win sometimes (the majority) you lose… it’s just how a gambling game works
Better luck next time …
Or better still save your money for something other than a match 3 game
Just my two pennies worth
Take care


I pulled c Gefjon from a single pull. Said to myself I wanted her because I was frustrated with wo3k defenses and used coins to pull her. Haven’t maxed her yet, though


Zynga holding the players hostage, colorized, ca. 2022


This game is straight B.S. now.
The pity portal who cares at this point. I’ve been playing since 2019 and @/at this point I am so done with these OP heroes that I cant pull. This game isn’t even fun anymore


10 х 3*… Feel bad! 20 times

The odds are low for 5* but they are posted and have appeared to match actual pulls (over a large data set). They employ tactics to elicit addictive summons. They (legally per the ToS) bait and switch with the nerphs.
I wouldn’t call it cheating but something that many intentionally avoid.

Each players has a 100% chance of leaving their alliance if they want and a 100% chance of then deleting the app if they want. No charges to the account for doing either.


There is over a 7% chance of doing 200 pulls without getting the HotM.

I once went over 850 pulls between HotM. Crazy stuff happens – good and bad – when dealing with randomness.

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Che at:
act dishonestly or unfairly in order to gain an advantage.

They haven’t been dishonest as far as I know. Can you cite some specific examples where they have been dishonest?

In regards to fair… definition of “fair”:
treating people equally without favouritism or discrimination

As far as I know all players are treatly the same way, hence not “unfair”. Please cite some specific examples if you know any.

Now everything they do is in order to get a (financial) advantage - that is what EVERY business will do. But like I said to my knowledge they haven’t “che ated” in order to get that advantage.


Please don’t try to argue with someone who doesn’t understand the rules. He’s the one who needs to defend his position. It’s your job to ignore him until he does.


FWIW my last HOTM was Malicna. Now to be fair I am f2p(ish) but still, that’s some 20 months of pulls.


Changing the odds to pull one of the featured black Friday 5* to 0.2% is just total BS.

Your odds are already extremely bad at 1%. It just shows the absolute money grab.

I have in the past to include this new portal spent a considerable amount. I didn’t check the odds before hand.

When I saw that it kinda of turned me off. I have no issues with spending some money but at some point it feels like a slap in the face.

Obviously you could get lucky and pull one on 1 pull or 5th but it’s unlikely.

I think going forward I will be spending a lot less.

Not to mention while new heroes are great they just keep adding more and more portals.

Definitely disappointed. I know it’s a business but damn.