I am so tired of buying gems and no good heroes. Wheres the five star yellows at

Hey in case it hasnt been noticed by little giant. This game is filled with young little people. Odyssey dawn has several im sure. And they really like to play.younger children getting into the game dont have available funds other than maybe a piggy bank to dip into to get gems needed to have the least bit chance at epic 4*s let alone the legends…whats up lg??? Odyssey dawn has older seasoned players yet to grace a legend in their line up. But yet they push on. Think its time to owne up to your valued players that stick in there and struggle on with what they have been allowed to have. Sorry but your sad idea of odds on heroes needs revised. My idea. Trophy method of percentage. Bronze, 25% for epic or legendary. Drop off to 20 at silver.15% at gold excet…come on lg. Do something

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Link to what is a gacha thread etc etc

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Blah blah blah Stop buying blah

Blah blah Become FTP blah

Blah Only spend what you’re willing to lose etc blah

Blah blah blah?


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Running several tc20 increases the chance of getting one of the regular 5*, my Vivica is from a tc20.

You could also pull heroes, but should treat it as lottery and don’t spend more than your gaming budget allows - keep the game fun for yourself.

Good luck!


I’m not sure what ages you are talking about…but I do think its bad form for SG to have this game 10+ years. There is no way anyone younger than 16 should be playing, and based on what we know about brain development in teens, I would say at least 20 is more reasonable at least if they are going to doing any in game purchases. The prefrontal cortex just isn’t developed enough in teens to make reasonable decisions.

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This game has a flod of teens yes I agree.
But there are many of 30+ if still young in your eyes.
There are 40th and 60th even and they are many. So how about that for ya now? Still young ppl?

As long as they’re F2P, there’s probably nothing wrong with it. If nothing else, it’ll teach them patience…

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I think 10 is way too young, even with no purchase. You see some things in chat i wouldn’t want my kids to have experienced at that age.


10 is club penguin age. That’s where they belong lol.

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I’m not really sure there’s anything involving adults and live chat that doesn’t have that problem. So you’ve kinda got a philosophical question as to whether to let your kids engage with adults online.

Try TC20, I pulled Vivica, Justice, Leonidas and a Joon.


I want to reply to these posts but I want to also respect the OP.

I think it would be great to split this thread and have a MATURE discussion on what ages we feel are appropriate for this game and why.

Not trying to change SG policy, I just think it’s an interesting discussion.


This is the only reason I keep two level 20 camps running all the time. After 18 months of trying and only getting 3 Vivicas and 1 Leonidas, I refuse to give up hope for a Joon or Justice.

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In fairness, the OP needs to be merged with one of the approximately 2,432 other Ideas & Feature Requests threads requesting either better odds or alternate ways to draw heroes that don’t cost money.


Joon is the one you want…Justice is Meh.

Justice was one of my first 5 stars and still sits at 3/70. it look a long time until I pull Drake, but that just meant I had the darts for him when I got him. And he was my only 5 star max yellow for a while. Just this last month I got Inari, Guin and Joon…so now my yellow roster is up there as one of my better colors one I get them all leveled.

For whatever reason, it happens in waves. At least for me it does.


Yes, the age of the players matters a lot. Since this game is mostly based on the lottery scheme, it should be limited only to adult players. How come all the casino games and lottery games are for 18+ and this one is not? I really think it is missleading not to inform players in advance about the financial model of this game (ie either you pay unreasonable amount of money via literally gambling and you progress fast in the game or you play for free and progress ultra slow, sometimes waiting for 6 months to obtain artefacts to upgrade one hero).


You’ ve got Guin and Inari from TC20? I’m sorry for this question but I have my TCs at level 16 so I don’t know how it works. I thought you can only get regular heros from Tc20.

No, he did not get them from TC20. He got Guin from the event pull and Inari from the Atlantis pull.

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No, I’m just commenting on “dont give up hope” they seem to come in waves. Those are not TC20 heroes.

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