I am so freakin sick of losing to weaker levels!



This is the problem: OP has a team that has a high team-power number based on sG’s algorithm or something. That number masks the fact it is a very weak team.

If the OP were to look at how each is graded, how not just the letter, that player will see the weakness spelled out.

OP should, though, ignore most every other bit of advice directed at self. Said it before and been barred for saying quite alot is cliche pap.

Edit: forgot to say OP should use Anchor’s guide to heroes.


The problem is no longer the fall of trophies, the problem is the natural growth of the players. The limits are the same as a year ago, but the players have thousands of better teams and they are pushing down very good teams that push good ones. They have to be reviewed those limits or the whole system, people, even if they want, can not.


I am not sure how you reach this conclusion about teams being held back or pushed down. If it is being unable to open a chest in a higher level, pls know that from my experience you are missing only personal gratification.

My team’s natural level should be 2350 which is just below diamond. I can pick my opponents by rerolling and opening a chest in diamond level only to be crushed by the sameness of that loot vis platinum. Losing some cups would have filled the chest quicker and easier for much the same loot.


I am amazed how wrong you got my post :slight_smile:

As it stands currently you need to just fill the chest and that’s it. There is no value in neither cups nor brackets. It’s a gimmick of an implementation, the same as war matchup and other aspects of the game.

Game design works against any meaningful strive for accomplishment. Except titans.

So, take what you want from this but quit generalizating and expressing wrong assumptions :slight_smile:


I am French and my grammar is no different to most others on here, as for spelling yes I have big fingers on these small phone keypads and make un-noticed errors, get over it mate as all your doing is picking on what’s not important and there is much worse on here.

And what I write is 100% understandable so next time if if YOU don’t understand what I wrote down DON’T COMMENT BACK.



As a weaker player being slaughtered by overly far strong players.

All I was doing was adding input in a topic which I agreed with as it happens to me all the time and that’s it.

All these responses telling me I should quit the game, chill out and grow up are way out of line as these people should be taking there own advice rather than giving it.

I like the game and it’s my choice to be here as I very well delete it without a second thought if I didn’t like playing it.

I am an Allience leader and based on what I am told be members that have left and came back say I am a great leader. I help everyone and even make clips on stages they find hard or to display what heros can do.

These forums to are express opinions on the game and opinions are based on ones own experiences which is totally different for everyone especially in such a vastly randomized game. As a boss for 35yrs if there is one thing learn is that 20 different people can see that same situation in 20 different ways and they all think they right and in many cases a small percentage of each one may just be right and it’s up to the leaders to take a little from from each one as they see fit.

You people are no different to myself expressing opinions of what you think is right so stop attempting to degrade others to make yourself sound right or feel good and stick to the topic at hand which is the game and ones personality or grammar.

Have a nice all


That you are raided by a lot of stronger teams and loose many cups seems to indicate that you have good raid skills ( or use flasks ) So this should be seen as a positive aspect. You are performing well.

On the other hand your defense team seems not to be scary :slight_smile: enough to keep the raiders away or beat them back. This you can only influence to a certain extent with skill because it is static and depends on the heroes available.

But in the end the system works as intended.
The offense has the advantage because of flexibility and is mostly skill based.
The defense is static and less skill based. ( which allows you to be good at the offense part :wink: )

So I wish you best of luck and hope you will get some really scary defense heroes.


If you are indeed a native French speaker, then I must congratulate you on your excellent use of idiomatic English (although your use of ‘mate’ is somewhat off - you might need to review your old textbooks on that front).

But I don’t believe I have failed to understand you in the least. What made you think that? I understand that you were complaining that:

That is very clear and easy to understand, I think. Perhaps you have not understood my response? I was explaining that one likely reason that you are being treated like a kid is that your spelling and grammar is terrible, and such sloppiness tends to be typical of kids. Adults are usually a little more careful, be they “working class people”, “business managers” or “bosses”. I was advising you that if you want to be taken seriously, you might have to overcome the challenge of big fingers and small phone keyboards: other people do seem to manage.

Or you could decide that you don’t really care about spelling and grammar. But then you probably shouldn’t get too upset when people treat you like a kid: it’s a perfectly understandable assumption.


Ahhhh……come on…there is no reason to get personal.


MATE! If you have nothing to
SAY about the GAME then don’t say nothing at all.

My English and grammar and use of MATE is perfectly fine and your CONTINUOS battering about these aspects are not only out of line/place but only goes to show you who the real child here is YOU.

I never blocked anyone on a forum before but if I could you would most definitely be the first MATE.



Yes you are 100% correct I am doing well and keep doing so as I grow, as for flasks - no I don’t use them as I don’t get them (only 2 about 2 months ago and that’s it, same goes for titan flasks) so yes I rely on my heros.

As for my defense team I was surprised on your comment which I presume you checked out what I had only to notice that what you saw was the correct team as I forgot to chance it back after trying colour stacking. Have a look now to see my usual defense team which usually dies pretty well but of cause as my first post on this thread stated (which wasn’t meant to be a complaint but more a comment on personal experience) it gets slaughtered buy teams with 500 to 1000 TP.



Of course I have plenty to say about the game. Have you forgotten?

Let’s recall that I did not raise as a topic of conversation whether you were being treated like a kid. You did:

If you don’t want us to talk about these subjects then you should not raise them as topics of conversation. If you complain about us discussing them after you have brought them up then you seem childish, which I guess was what you were trying to avoid in the first place.

It’s pretty simple, really: if you want to be treated like an adult then it helps to behave like an adult.


@Brobb GROW UP MATE! Consider yourself BLOCKED


Is this a thing that the kids are into now? Is it a new kind of dance, maybe?


Dude you got the wrong person!

Night Avenger


I have noticed with raiding there is a handicap in the algorithms. And its not about the team strength. Its about trophy win/loss. I can raid those i win 50+ trophies from and their team power is easily 4000+ while my team is 3200-3500. Out of the 3 raid attempts i will usually win by the 2nd try. Lose the first win the second. Sometimes lose the 1st and 2nd but win the 3rd. Yeah i lost 11 trophies but won 54 trophies. The closer the other team is to your own the less of a handicap the boards offer. Most of my raid victories are from dropping combos not hero specials. This is just my own observation from my own experience not group practice nor statistical data.


Mostly the lower levels. Lately I never win.


Post your defense team here and let’s see if there’s anything you can change to hold more trophies when you’re offline.

There’s a number of raid guides that have techniques to help you take more trophies when you’re attacking.


Respectfully, ya win some, ya lose some. I am certain that at some point, all of the higher ranking players have lost to a lower ranking… or they have put so much money and time into the game building their team. Some of this is pure luck… my only 4* pick so far is a healer. Not much in fighting against the brutes who throw lightening or boulders. I may yet give up myself if I cant pull some better heros.


I am certain that at some point, all of the higher ranking players have lost to a lower ranking…

I am certain that every day ALL players lose to a significantly lower ranked player.

Why? Because all it takes is one fluke board with heavy stacking. Strategy in defence only helps 50% of the time.