I am selling iron for food! Please help! The poeple of my lands are starving

I need to sell iron. My town is starving. We have great iron mines but not enough good soil for our needs. Why is selling iron for food not an option?

Because youre going to need that iron for the talent grid of your max heroes.


You live on a mountain. Makes for great mines and pinot noir. Nothing else grows.


Eerily enough, this sounds a lot like the Great Leap Forward

Alas, you’re not the only one with kick-but miners and slacker farmers. Have you looked at the global E&P iron mining statistics? There’s no one to sell to. The iron market is more flooded than Atlantis right now…


A revolution is coming. Can you smell it? The winds of change are near

All I can smell right now is 2 million pounds of stored iron :laughing:


Eventually you may find you have 2 farms to every 1 mine XD and you still won’t have enough food… or iron! XD

Get that revolution going. I am melting my million of iron ingots to pour over the walls on those revolting peasants. Then the unmelted ingots will be thrown.

So tired of seeing the “iron storage is full” message.

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I sell both for item I need to craft Tornados and timestops.

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