I am really enjoying the game

Hi everyone. I have been playing around 6 months, and lurking on the forum a lot. I wanted to say how much I am enjoying the game, and how for me the positives far outweigh the gacha RNG nature.

Why am I so happy and contented? Because I find the mechanics really interesting, and as per Stoic philosophy - Marcus Aurelius - The Obstacle is the Way. The patchy drop rate of AM and heroes really pushes me to optimise what I have, and to live in the moment. I am looking forward to the increased complexity of the Class system, and again my goal will be to optimise what I have and to play smart.

My Alliance members feel the same on the whole, and we have a really happy cohesive collaborative group. We have grown from 5* to 8* in 4 months, and progress as a team together.

I have spent about $150 over the 6 months, mainly over the Events with AM offers. I am happy to support the devs with my money, I feel I have got great value as I play at least a couple hours a day.

The second reason is that I am not in a hurry to progress. I hope to play this game for at least a couple years, so there is no hurry. I am currently at the bottom to middle of platinum with TP 3400ish , and intend to float there for quite a while yet. I am upgrading 4s and have no intention of ascending a 5 until I have 2 at least of each fully ascended 4* in each colour.

Of course I understand that not everyone feels the same as me, there are many players who are incredibly frustrated because their goals are not the same as mine. But I think there may be many like me who are really happy, and I wanted to balance the threads with a positive one.

Thank you also to the Mods, you are fantastic.


So great to hear you’re enjoying the game!

Since you’ve been a frequent forum lurker, I’m sure you know there are far more people who take time to post general complaints than general celebrations of their enjoyment. Thanks for taking the time to do so.

I think the reasons you identified are indeed why you’re enjoying the game so much, and are points I wish people took to heart more often:

  • Accepting limitations and mechanics as the challenge instead of an obstacle, including AM drop rates
  • Focusing on optimization instead of having everything
  • Valuing your alliance, and sharing a similar game view
  • Weighing your financial expenditures relative to your real-world entertainment time instead of what you have in the game
  • Working on the core first, like 4* heroes, and enjoying the process instead of rushing to “the end”

@Rook @Kerridoc @Coppersky @Petri (and @JonahTheBard, should you return to see your praises sung), please take note. :smiley: :heavy_heart_exclamation:


I feel the same. I truly enjoy the game for what it is, and am in no hurry to become a top player or max out what I have.
I’m working towards that of course, but I am by no means wanting it all by Tuesday.
There is plenty of diversity within the game for those who wish to spend more and for those who wish to not spend anything on the game.
I think sometimes people get caught up in the end goal and forget to stop and enjoy the process.
The artwork alone is beautiful, not to mention the time and thought spent behind the development.
My Alliance is fairly new as well, and we are developing our own methods and ways of playing as individuals and as a collective group.
So, I concure. It has been a lovely experience for me so far as well.
Happy Gaming!


Nice to see a positive topic like this pops up once in while.

Im another one who enjoys it as much as you do!
Keep rocking on! :smile:


great post, I was able get a nice group of my friends to join and now we are all in the same alliance. so we take our bumps and bruises together but just as you we understand the patience required and to fully maximize the game we like to mess with different rosters for crazy results. glad to see like minded souls still exist. good luck to you and your mates I’m almost at a year in and the new talent trees just give insane amount of options and love how the trials incorporate usage of all heroes.

again very nice post.


I love this game also I’ve played about nine months and feel the same way wouldn’t want everything at once because then it would become boring and there would be no reason to play. I have been beaten by weaker strategy and I have been victorious with weaker strategy , key note being strategy. I have been with the same alliance and we have all grown together and become quite close( for a game that is amazing) :grinning:Nice Post


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