I am onslaught recruits

Come join us we are butchers :slight_smile:

We are an active and friendly alliance that loves to play together.
Currently we are on 8* titans with 15 people… But we want to go higher and thats not possible with the current members ( we all have our private lifes ofcourse :slight_smile: )

So we decided to fill our alliance and let some extra people coming!

What we expect from our members :

Daily active
Communication during war
6 war flags / 4 titan flags a day ( minimum 3 titan flags )
Be always friendly and respectfull to eachother
line : optional if you communicate thru alliance chat

we are looking for players that have minimum 1600 trophy’s ( if you under it let us know and we look @ it…

further i want to wish you all a nice day and hope we can welcoming you soon!

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