I am not being rewarded Atlantis coins

Is this a known issue?
I just farmed season 2 province 7 stages 9 and 10 on hard to gain Atlantis coins. I tried a total of 3 times, but was not awarded any coins. I have completed season 2 on easy, and have had no problems getting coins up to and including province 7 stage 8 on hard.

Coins aren’t really farmable. You only get them the first time you beat the level on each difficulty.

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Can you upload a picture of your map for the province?

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Perfect. Thanks! Given that, you should open a support ticket with SG. Attach that picture, and tell them the approximate time you beat the stage and got no coins. Here’s how to open a support ticket:

Make sure to pick the “Support” button, not the “Report a Bug” button.


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