I am new, how do decide where to put my heros? i.e. Flank tank etc

I have been playing this for approx 1.5 months, there are so many different things to look at when making your team. I was wondering if you guys could help me understand what is the best and WHY it is the best. As you can see from the pic, I have gotten lucky - I really havn’t done many pulls. I got ODIN last night on a single pull, i near pooped my pants lol.

Thanks for help in advance -

pasties (noobishness)


Welcome to the forum, @pastiez!

Let me start with a link:

The general rule of thumb for a new player is to not rush with 4 and 5* heroes. Your resource base is not yet good enough for that (recruits, food, iron, ascension items). Focus on 3* and build at least one fully ascended rainbow team of 3* heroes. After that you can continue with 4*.

Alternatively, you can bring a rainbow team of 4* to 3.60. In most cases it will be more powerful than 3* team and it will have a potential to grow to final ascension when mats are available. The drawback here is that you won’t have heroes for rare challenge events.


There are certain heroes whose specials affect those heroes adjacent to them, like Boril. So that is a hero you wouldn’t want to place on the wing. Tank, Flank and wing assignments are most important on your defense team. For an offense/raiding team they are less important (except for heroes like Boril for the reason listed above).

As the above reply mentioned, as a beginning player focusing on 3 and 4* heroes while collecting those 5* heroes is the smart move. Your tank options for a defense team would be Boril or Kashrek. Either will work really well for you once you get them leveled. Good luck.


My advice would be to raid, raid and raid some more. It is the best way to learn about heroes who works well in a group, who is really useful and worth prioritizing, who isnt great etc and you can leave till later.

Also check out @NittanyLionRoar 's channel on YouTube he has a selection of videos on the basics of the game and useful stuff to know.


I usually do tank in the middle, healer/support in the flanks, high damage/snipe heroes on the wings. Tank characters are the ones that will usually have high HP and/or defense, with skills that heal, give defensive buffs to them and/or others, and possibly quick to generate mana, since they are hit most often with tiles. Flanks usually get hit the next most often, so having heals and/or buffs/debuffs is good. Then having some damage to end your opponents in the wings.
My main team is: Tank: Queen of Hearts, Flanks: Vivica Costume and Lady of the Lake, Wings: Alice and Freya. Queen of Hearts has high HP and Defense, her special summons a minion and gives her defense against special skills +76%, while she has a minion up she has Taunt which forces all special skills to be directed only to her. Vivica Costume heals, removes buffs from enemies and gives them reduced defense. Lady of the Lake heals and summons a minion on her and the two heroes next to her, which sap mana from an enemy when they are hit by her minion. Alice is my Snipe, high damage and applies reduced attack on enemy hit. Frey gives full alliance defense buff and summons a minion on everyone in my group. Her minions buff the attack of other minions on same character. Most of my damage ends up coming from a barrage of minion attacks each turn. In raids, if I can defeat an enemy or two, I can “ghost” tiles in the gaps for higher mana gain for me while not having to rely on tile damage as much and avoiding feeding the enemy team mana.
There are so many cool and amazing team builds you can make in this game. Look at what you have and come up with skills that work well together. Avoid duplicate buffs and debuffs as they don’t stack, the most recent just overwrites the other.
Defense buff, elemental defense buff, special skill defense buff, and Paladin class Protect defense buff are all considered different buffs. So in my team build, it is possible for Queen of Hearts to have Defense buff from Freya, Paladin Protect, and Special Skill Defense all at the same time. It is awesome to see someone use a snipe on her and barely do any damage to her.


Another piece of advice, if you are not in one already, (I’m assuming this is the case because you are posting your question on the forum), find yourself a really good training alliance.

Check out alliance recruitment, there are always knowledgeable alliance mates willing to help new players who want to grow their hero roster.

Welcome, and good luck :slight_smile:
No matter what you do, do not become a Banefeeder

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Thank you all for the information about being a noob lol. The 5 at the top of my pic. how would you put those in order?

This is my main team atm for almost everything.

Myself, I have it as follows:
Kiril, Odin, Dom, Neith, Quintus.

Normally i would not have Dom being my tank, but atm she has more health than anyone else in my party.

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