I am looking one specific alliance

I need help i was in one alliance, and i join in another…and now i remember only something about the older alliance the name was something like RUBYSSEA but i cant find when i look in the game plisss hellllpppppp

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Do you still need assistance?

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yess plisss i cant find the alliance

Do you remember anyone/leader’s name from your old alliance?

i thing there was one Quziinn they where from california london los angeles but i cant remember others names :frowning:

Have you tried searching:

  • Rubyssea?
  • ruby?
  • sea?

…and then scrolling down through all the options?

i have tried searching that names but i cant find it :frowning:

I hope you find it )or they find you); those are my search paths. :confused:

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Was it this one: “Rubysea60”? I found it while going through my revenges.


well all i can say is keep looking

This is the allianceeeee thank youuuuu :heartbeat::heartbeat::heartbeat::heartbeat:


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