I am looking for an alliance

I’ve been playing for about 2 months. The alliance I am in is dead. I always participate in wars and Titans but I am tired of 2* and 3* Titans escaping because only 2 - 5 players are hitting them after I do 50%+ of the damage, it’s completely ridiculous. The alliance leader hasn’t logged in almost a year.

I stay around 1300 cups and have a 2800 defense team. I have a 2nd and 3rd string war team and usually attack with unleveled 3* by color stacking past that.

Come join us in Magnificent Bastards. We’re a training alliance, currently taking down 4-5*. Myself and one of the other elders have teams over 3500 and over 2000 cups. Everyone else is between 1200-2800 team power and 0-1200 cups. We use Discord for more detail than alliance chat.

I will move over as soon as an concludes so I don’t lose my loot. Thank you.

Definitely get your loot first. If you can jump over within about 5 hours, we have a titan (5* green) that may last that long

I’ve got about 30 minutes before aw ends and I’ll jump over.

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