I am looking for a new alliance!

Hey Richy,

Endless Knights fit all of your criteria, and we use Discord as well. We have level 50s through 80s+, with many former top alliance members finding a new comfortable home here.

If you’re interested send a message our way, we can even get you into our Discord to check it out.

Hi Ruckus, I’d love to try your alliance out! My discord is rrrr #4054

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Forsaken Ones can be your new home!!! Come and check us!!! We have 1 spot open for ya!!

Hello Richy!

Feel free to visit us : Titan8tors
And our alliance recruitment post : Recruitment post

Hope we will meet soon!


Hi Richy,

Come and join us at HamNation. We have just completed a large merger and now have around 25 players. We use Discord and in game chat but not line. We are about to smash the latest 10* Titan and will probably end up around 11/12/13* Titans in the coming days. The merger has gone very well with all the new members enjoying our friendly little alliance. We have a few lower level members, but the majority are 50+ with some of us around the 70/80 mark.

Rules are simple, hit the titans and use your flags in war. There is the option to opt out of war if that’s not your thing.

Hope to see you soon


I will highly recommend you to join The family clan [T.F.C]

Line me ill drop other details- mr.monty.007

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I imagine you found a spot but if you didn’t you can try DC Titan Slayers. Try it for a week or two and if we’re not for you, no hard feelings at all. We do have line but it’s not a requirement to have. We are family friendly and are excellent at using all war flags. We are hitting 10-11* titans.

It’s me again, lol. If you guys are active, we can help. We are very established. I will lower the trophy count. We welcome everyone! Let’s get our game on!!! Just let me know!

Holla holla got a place in…

@ me well do brunch

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Hey Richy,

If you’re still looking, feel free to drop in to Invictus Resurrection; strong core (3+years) alliance, chaining 14* titans (100+ and counting), ffa wars, Discord used for communication/assistance.

We require lvl 23+ rainbow troops and 100% participation in alliance events.

Hope to see you soon! EMF

Check out •MadDogz• - you can reach me on discord:

Hi Richy888
We are 7 crazy cats, we have been together for a long time, we have traveled the world together, and we decided to create our own house, we are organized, friendly and sociable. Zero drama and we are here to support each other and continue to grow together.
We are good players, we have war strategies, we use all our flags, red tank and hit the titan daily.
We are from various parts of the globe, although the majority of UK, English speaking, we use line and discord.
It would be interesting if you could join us: @ Impossible Krazy Kats
or you can send me a message by line id: eroth

Come join me at Clan Macbain. And let’s grow an awesome alliance together.

Join Blood Brigade , we cap titans at 12* unless rare, we finished 275th on mythic titan top 1000 alliance , we’re active friendly and reliable , join you’ll be promoted right away . we’re a fun drama free alliance that people wanna stay in , very strong mid tier Join.

We are a laidback alliance that works as a team.

We communicate so we can learn from each other.

Looking for players that play for the enjoyment of the game.

We love to kick the butts of titans and do well in the alliance war.

We are not players that never play or take the game to seriously or do we want members that do.

Come grow with JAHRA!

Zapraszam do nowo powstałego sojuszu choć na razie jesteśmy mali ale każdy aktywni i chcemy zbudować silny i zgrany sojusz
Sojusz nazywa się T.B.D. pozdrawiam Letty

Nie sztuką jest wstąpić do silnego Sojuszu - lecz stworzyć silny Sojusz, w którym będziemy sobie nawzajem pomagać

My last advert:
Multiple slots open for friendly, low pressure alliance. No line or discord. Just hit titans (usually 8*) and either use war flags or opt out. Come check us out!

We still need good people, if you’re looking.

Hey Wata,

Endless Knights has 2 spots open, we are an Engish speaking, international group that are active and friendly… feel free to get in touch or check us out.

And not to burst any bubbles… but we are the group Richy (creator of this topic) decided to go with, even though he is still getting offers lol

1285+ Bees just kicked a player for lack of war flag usage so we have one spot open! We’re all veteran players with 2-4 years and 4500 - 5000 war defenses.

We have expectations around Titan and War flags. Other than that we run blue tanks (except for Rush Wars where it’s your choice) and we do Free for All wars. We are chatty and don’t required Line or Discord. Helpful and fun alliance, come check us out!