I am frudtrated


I am so frustrated sonce thr update i have only won 1 out of 20 raids and 1 out of 15 reveng before update i was 2800 cups now i am at 2100 cups amd decreasing some days i fell like quiting the game like my power is 3100 and i am lossing to people with 2300 that does not seem right and accention item are next to non some changes have to be made to make it fair again or i just migjt quit


Are you sure you have everything set-up properly in your team? For example troops?


I have always lost to people lower than me…and I’ve always beaten people higher than me (but not too much higher)!

My winning is a lucky mix of (a) they have x more cups than me, (b) their power is roughly only 100 points more than mine, © their cards aren’t insanely higher than mine.

Winning has always been a hunt for the right conditions (and a quick prayer to the Lucky Board gods). :grin:

May you have better luck.


I feel you pain, raiding sucks last night I got raid for 100 odd cups and when I went to revenge I did see the point as every single raider was well below my power an way below my cup count, so why bother if you loose which is more than likely to happen you loose more than you gain and if you win you don’t get back what was raided from you, you get a fraction a very small fraction. RAIDING WHATS THE POINT? Cups don’t count for anything anyways.
One of my alliance mates got raped for over 300 last night also.


Yes i been playing for over 4 months now i was a member of yelp 3000 until i left to start up my own alliance so yes i am set up properly


I hear ya. Same thing happening to my alliance snd myself. And when thise way way lower win they steal a good 50 cups…but if u revenge n barely squeak a win back you get 14 cups? Seems pretty unfair. Yet if we try to attack higher than ourselves guess what they win to again taking more than 30 cups at a time…its f’d up now in sk many diff ways. They say the updates are improvements for us playets but they did nothing to help players enjoy the game instead its ruining the game for sooooo many players. And the devs somehow think we are too dumb to realize the updates are not improvements for the players its for them cause they think ppl will be forced to buy n they will maké more money. Basically they got greedy. Problem with being so greedy is ppl dont like being forced so boom their goes thise llayers to new games n there goes the money they could have made had they not been so greedy.


Thank you rook i was just getting a little frustrated that all in 1 week i have lost over 800 cups only won 50 i hate complaining so i am just gonna suck it up and take my losses like a champ


Iagree like the cost to buy gem packs is to high for what you get like i was given two 25 dollar google cards for my birthday from my kids but i will not use them until things get better and they bring down the cost of gem packs


Don’t worry. I lost 500 cups in two days (and more since then!) :grin:

I figure it’s like pouring jelly through a sieve; eventually it’ll all run out, but I can put jelly in the top faster than it drops out. :relaxed:


Love the analogy Rook!


What is the percentage of getting a 4 or 5 star from elemintal summon i just did 3 of them and i only got 3 3 star also in the past i did a couple of the 10x summon and still only got 3 star so please tell me do i have to summon 50x to get a 4 0r 5 star like why are some people so lucky they get it on their first try and they have not even been playing over 2 weeks yet i been playing over 4 and half month i feel i am getting no where i do not want to quit but it might get to a point i might yes i have spent a lot of money on this game but yet i got no where so what is the percentage i would like to know


I spent $25 on the game a while ago. I rolled ONE hero at a time, mostly in Elemental (I think the last two were in Epic) of six total. I got two 4*, and four 3*.

After hearing others’ stories, I DO believe you get better luck with Elemental (less cards to roll from), but honestly I’m guessing here.

As the stories are not more encouraging, I built a Training Center 13, and have been trying to grow my own 4* from there. (The one success story I’ve heard took one month of day/night building to get that 4* card!) Takes a long time, but it works. Hmm…


I hsve level 16 training still have not got a 4 let a lone s 5 actualy i feel i been wasting 2 days to just geta 2 star so i feel your pain and frustration


Which level are you training on? 12? 13? Higher?


I just did 2 10 pulls on epic hero and received 4. 4* 3 green 1 purple and 1 blue the rest were 3 * feeders and not one extra chance at the hero of he month, is there something I am missing or am I just unlucky???_


Just unlucky I guess