I am curious

yeah i thought about it again too, the risk is just not worth it.

i imagine going into these alliances you will always encounter people who will just verbally abuse you for just trying to make an offer. and when these **** ( and we all know how many off those exist) report me, zynga or SG or whoever wont care about my positive only intentions and ill be gone for good

always sad to see regulations stopping good things

I got in to trouble recently for suggesting our alliance should be called the “Marie Celeste”. (after our actual name in a way). My boss was not amused and nor did he take kindly to my suggestions for recruiting. There are people I’d love to get on board with us.

Personally it sound like its more Hassle than its worth. I would just keep to recruiting as normal. And go through the right channels. There lots of places to recruit just need to get your name out there. With a tastey ad

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But… I agree, sometimes any qualified recruit is a good recruit, but I WANT this one, I already know her form. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Have you made a thread in alliance recruitment?! A lot more players lurk these posts, rather than respond.

Also just today I did some mercing and was quizzed on recruitment. FWIW, if you have players who have been awol for days / months, and still claim to be an active alliance - active players wouldn’t join because the claim is false.

Nevertheless, GL with recruiting.

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Ty Sarah,

yes , last week i put a thread in the alliance recruitment section. i have to say i didnt really put much effort to it, yet all relevant information is given
other members of my alliance are active in the in game chat and in line groups and i might be the only one who regularly visits the forum
might be a bit demotivated as not much is happening
and honestly if i would be looking for an alliance i would just put a thread in the forum, advertising myself, as other did before. players over level 50 will get 10 invitations in 1 hour


All alliances are looking for active daily players - hence players are always inundated with requests. It’s an idea for you if you’re looking for such an alliance.

I’ve seen this work for players looking for a merger. I’ve seen war opponents merging after an amicable war as well.

although i like my alliance i would be open for new adventures, especially international alliances.

and im sure i’d be a good fit and being level 70 some decent alliances would sure be achievable for me.

problem is i started this game together with my best friend, so only german alliances are possible destinations as he doesnt speak english

buth thanks anyways :slight_smile:

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I don’t see this as a problem but an opportunity, as I’m sure there are many international alliances that have players who are fluent German speakers. You just need to make that one of the prerequisites for joining a new alliance.

As I’ve said before, alliances are always looking for daily active players. GL


interesting point of view, i’ll sure keep this one in mind

thanks again for all the effort! :slight_smile:

Oh really? I’m fairly certain I could not find 10 decent recruiters in ten days. I was looking a few weeks ago and could not get a bite of interest.

I followed this guy’s tale for example. 7D, crew, phoenix all uttered interest there in the first day and these are just the ones i know.

god knows where this would have ended if he didnt close the thread down by himself the next day

If you are interested come join us xenomorph prime , we are international friendly group
Line: Johnnyk1985

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hey mate,

that would be a drop of alliance members for me and this is the opposite of what i am looking for .

but i have to stay you guys are quite homogenous for your size and regarding the levels i’d fit right in.

have u split lately or how come?

multumesc :wink:

We was 27-30 ppl strong aliance , something went wrong some 6-7 members - friends decided to go , and it was like that , rest of us was struggling to kick curent 14* titans, the PoV was there to make the pressure, and ppl was leaving one by one :confused:

sorry to hear that buddy, similar thing happened to us, but we will rebuild i guess

and so will you hopefully , i wish you all the best of luck!

but when recruiting leave the germans to me you can have the rest of the world haha

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Hahaha nice my friend nice ill leave the Germans to you :))) i wish you best luck

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@danig Loot Hunters is international with at least 2 german speakers. Line me on lilly_frogg if you’re interested and we can see whether we think it would work.

The team are quite active in chat…

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Yep…that’s not a fight you’ll win :joy:

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