I am curious

Hello folks,

so i had a discussion in my alliance regarding the possibilities of getting new members to join.

the idea i brought forward is basically about a recruiter of my alliance joining small alliances and making them an offer to join us or our wing. saying this i would never try to only get a few (good) members of an allianace but always make an effort to get the full alliance to join us

i then pretty fast got a response , that this is not allowed and can even lead to a ban, which i can partly understand as it protects small alliances.

I reckon using the tactics i described above is under no way tolerated even if i dont want to harm any alliance and only want to make them an offer they can reject and i leave again.
→ is this or a similar scenario in any way allowed would be the first question, just to confirm

My other question would be if theres another way but the forum, line chats and the ingame chat to recruit players?

PS: some of my alliance and wing members reacted quite negatively on this topic, although my only goal was to discuss and get informed
I would never take actions if they are not permitted and im only looking for more (creative) ways to find some new members


It’s not illegal or anything, and certainly won’t get you banned or the like… In so far as I’m aware… Because it technically doesn’t break any of the Terms of Service.

It is however typically very poorly viewed by the community / other players in general… Many view it as “poaching”.

However, I personally don’t see any issues with the practice if in one of the following circumstances:

  1. the small ally is a dead one… Offering / notifying the few active players of a better option is imo a public service as they don’t necessarily KNOW that what they have is ■■■■.

  2. if it’s for the purposes of making initial contact for a merger; then to progress discussions via a third party app like Line or Discord.

But that’s my $0.02.


Are you on Line, Discord, Facebook or Reddit? Those in addition to the forum are the main tools for recruitment. There is no guarantee for any of them, however it gets your alliance name out there. In my personal experience however, nothing beats the forum for recruiting.

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thanks for the responses !

@Guvnor alright that deems most of my alliances information as false, yet good to know how

@HeathenHammer i havent tried all of them, but i might in the future. although i might first try my method, just to see how it works when applied and to see get peoples reaction

But yes, joining smaller alliances simply for poaching their members is not in good form and will get you banned.

well this is in contrast to what Guvnor just stated, the banning part i mean

We went through this. We Joined a small Alliance and nearly disintegrated altogether. We will not try any more this

compatibility is another big issue i see

we are missing 7 players to get full, so I wouldnt join any alliance above 3 members

I would go with what Guvnor said then, i only assumed it would lead to banishment or at least a trip to the deepest reaches of hell.

Dante had them in the 8th circle I think…

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its not fraud tho, is it?


AR room is the best place to recruitt

You can get banned for anything they do not read the reports just count them.

but it’s not nice to JOIN… someone as a effort to recruit… you JOINED… it’s poaching and not nice.

I would say barging into someone alliance to try to get members boarders harassment…

if someone is looking for an alliance… they are not… IN a alliance… if they want to merger with you they will talk about it in AR (alliance recruitment room)

Facebook has recruiting… also

AR is still the best…

honestly, the best idea might be for you to find a alliance you like and then you all join them…


Lol no, just my weird sense of humour

Hi to all im new in the form so please tell me someone how can create a topic??? Thanks


Could be a trust thing to set up a new thread. You need to look that up as the more involved you get the more it let’s you do.

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the reason you cant post anything is because you just joined the community …

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Yeah this…

Under your profile it will tell you your trust level…the more you do the more that goes up

It’s a challenging question. I know a girl (let’s call her Rosey from @truebigfamily) from my first alliance and I desperately want to poach her for my fourth alliance where she would be an awesome fit. But, ‘fairplay’ says that is not cool. I have to live with that.

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