I am atacked while im online...happen several times so i decide to make a print and put it here

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as you can see i am raiding and someone atak me in the same time (6 min ago on print) i was online for about 1h without login out. I was thinking this is not posible

It’s probably because you are above 2600 trophies.

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It’s possible.

Been happenin for a long time.

Devs say no.

But plenty of players have done what you have and well it typically says a different story.


I think many of us have already faced this, a logically explanation could be a timed out session. Maybe someone just get paired with you in this little moment when your session was being renewed and that was just enough time.

I have been attacked several times before while i was online. I cant remember how many trophies i had but surely not more than 2500.
However most of the time its because the net goes and comes. You minimize the app then you open it again and someone could have started de raid before you went on .

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Yep. Get this a lot. In the middle of gaming, switching screens maybe from alliance view to map view, BOOM!!! You’ve been attacked… It’s a pain in the bottom end of the intestines.

I have received attacked notices up to 15-20 minutes after logging on. I always put it down to the raid starting before I logged on and ending after I had started raiding or farming myself so that was the first chance to notify me. Never paid much attention to the raid times TBH.

Ta gra to jedno wielkie oszustwo juĹĽ siÄ™ robi mnie teĹĽ atakujÄ… gdy jestem online

It doesn’t only happen to those 2600+ trophies.
It’s a common thing, happens a lot more then one would think.

Ok, I didn’t know that. It never happened to me. :slight_smile:

I have seen many times this happening , if you login in middle of battle your enemy will gain resource from WH even though you emptied it before previous log off.

I reported it to Support with screenshots and they kept saying that their logs show resource was available during raid hence it was removed. They couldn’t explain the logic how the resource allocation is done during t match making and when the raids completed. They closed the ticket twice without my concern , I don’t want to push too much so I left it after that. This is not the first time such support things happened , some of game support staff doesn’t have much game knowledge and have only programming knowledge.

Quite sure it has to do with reaching top100 local

As this changes every minute I think there is something like “every 15 minutes check”

So after having fought your fights it takes a while until you are a possible “target”.
Then between 5 and up to 25 people simultanously attack your teamy fight for 3 to 5 minutes and there you go and BOOOOOM lose -200 or -500 cups.

Its a great way to get down on cups by the way. No need to set a stupid defense

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