I am asking for help in arranging the defense

Hello everyone, I am asking you who to defend from these heroes. Team # 1 is now a defense, but in defeats, failure to defeat. Please help me and explain for what such composition. I am happy.

Level Kashhrek and you’ll have an ok defense :slight_smile:

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For what in the composition of Tiburtus and only one healer? And why such a composition.

One solid healer is enough in most of the teams, Tiburtus is your only purple hero that could fit your heroes, that deals 100% direct damage, and for the positioning these are the reasons:

Kashhrek is the most durable 4* tank

Slow heroes should stay near the tank to have a good chance to fire their specials, you already have Hu Tao and Elena maxed so they fit the role.
A blind is very useful against stacked colors and Kashherk is forcing your attackers to stack reds.
Elena deals high AoE damage and her riposte could be killer if a dispel would miss due to blind.

For the flankers fast heroes would be the best but you doesn’t have fast purples, so Tiburtus will stay at left, where he could fire before any other heroes in the special round sequence and Triton would stay at right, where he would pick of injured foes.

A blind is very useful against stacked colors?

When writing this sentence, who do you mean from the heroes? Chu Tao and if so, what is its function

HuTao blinds, yes. :slight_smile:

If you go to the Hero section in game, you can look up each card and see its function, as well as what level it currently is at.

I personally didn’t use Kashrek until he was maxed out, but loved him as a tank (center position) once he was maxed.

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