I am ashamed

I was never really a huge spender, but that 30-50 dollar could have had better places in the past couple years for sure. But I was not really missing it from the budget so why not.

And when LB2 hit I was angry and motivated to stop.

I was doing so good. I felt I was making a progress towards getting away from spending and eventually from the game as a whole.

I made a hard stop at spending. I tracked my game time. Reduced it weekly and I was even on the edge of unlocking my best heroes (Anne, Ludwig, Bastet and few more) and feed it into a selected 3 star so I force myself quitting.

And then I decided not to… not sure why. Maybe the money i put into this game through tge 3 years. Or maybe because I was not mad enough because of all the daily crap I face with as F2P since LB2. Or maybe the remembrance of the time when this game was actually fun.

Or maybe this is an addiction?

I always stayed away from every type of gambling. Lottery, casinos, and even from those teddy bear grabbing machines in the airport. Because its gambling. You put in the money and nothing is guaranteed in return. I keep saying to my sons:

Stay away from any form of gambling. Numbers are not on your side. The house always win.

And they do.

And then when I did not press OK feeding my heroes I felt somehow good. And I even explained it to myself that if I am not giving up I might as well buy the valor first time in months.

Few pulls cant hurt, right? And its basically content, right? What if I add few extra pulls?

I might get… something. Finally. I cant be the only one with this terrible luck. At the end of the day I saw the video online where the guy pulled 2 of the best heroes after each other. Maybe this time. Basically summer solice is the best ever chance to pull something nice that puts me back on map. Maybe its time.

But it was not time. It was never the time.

I am not even sure what to say. This is an addiction. Not a huge one for me. Not a damaging one buts its a form of addiction.

This IS gambling. And it is not a healthy one. It is supported and generated by a company who are working with people that are professionally trained in gambling / gaming phichology.

I am lucky that I was always able to put a gate to the spending even when it was tempting. It did not hurt me badly.

Of course I could have a used the oney in the past 3 years to buy new phones, PS5, PC upgrade but nothing that was essential. But I am pretty sure that is not the case with all of us…

I hope I can stay stong(er) this time.


Best of luck staying strong!


I sympathize. I’ve been trying to make the break for about a year now. I think I’m just about ready to really do it. I have enough gems for one more 10-pull, and that’s it. I won’t miss all the hoop jumping and the tricky ads that are hard to close. Path of Giants might be well intended, but I really feel like I’m running pointless errands for 1.5 hours per day - find blue sorcerers or whatever.

Aside from the gambling aspect, the game works its way into your daily rhythms. It’s hard to just stop.

Yes, the daily rythem counts a lot towards the addiction aspect, and also can also range between levels.

E.g. starting and fibishing with the game immediately. Using the flag as they spawn.

Feeling bad for missing tower / event flags erc.

Leave you alliance. It will make it easier to take a break. I myself have not quit completely. Just take a break and slow down from Titans and Alliance wars. No Alliance, no pressure. I plan to join an alliance once all my new heroes are leveled up. No more summons. Pinky swear.


I want to know who changed my name??

We have all been there at some point or another, and many of us are continuously at it.
I had some good pulls (Jana from Carnival of Gods portal, and Jove from Contest fo Elements portal, both within a day of each other). So I thought cool I will be an idiot and waste £30 on the offer for 22 pulls, and from it, got garbage, and I felt sick and disgusted at myself for wasting so much money (I would have preferred to waste it on at least some delicious and unhealthy food). I have now taken that as a big sign not to buy anymore, I may buy POV and POG again but other than those, no.

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At least you’re already analysing your thinking. It’s a process, it’s not instant. Keep at it!

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I’m ashamed too, all my great heroes in the past, now are a real ■■■■


No kidding, mate, your “few dollars” might be more useful in RL than it is here.

I always tell my team mates not to spend money even if they get the cards they chase if they no longer enjoy the game. If they have a few extra that they like to spend without guilt is fine. It is the same for me.
This game is gambling and the prizes we gain are not worth the money as they get obsolete pretty much in a few months, some in just a few weeks. So if people have that awareness and then spend the excess money, it is ok. But one should never invest emotions into this game as this game is designed to use people’s addiction to make money and there is no real-life value in it for the players.

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