I am an elder of an aliance

alliance leaders and coleaders not playing for weeks. How can they be kicked? the game should kick them after a month . its obvious they are not playing.


They cannot be. Leader only can kick coleads, coleads can kick elders, elders can kick members. The proper thing before the leader bailed would’ve been to promote someone else to the role, but really short of a reformation there isn’t much that can be done.

Agree that it’s suboptimal.

I know the rules , Would suggest that tney be concidered for change.

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agree, however we have 2 co leaders who have not played in overa month.

It’s the same problem with the same solution at this time. :slight_smile:

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I, and about 20 other active alliance mates, had the same happen. We started our own new alliance. Come play with us! Galaxy’s USA All The Way

Has any decisions been made about demoting leaders who are absent for over a month? We have no co- leader but several elders and lots of active members.

Natural disasters and health crisis can take you away for a month easy. Having something you paid for taken away due to that absences would add insult to injury.

There was a long thread around this a short time ago with debates on both sides. But if it ever did get implemented, IMO it should take a lot longer than a month.

Why should it take longer than a month? Being a leader is a responsibility. If you can’t fulfill the requirements, regardless of the reason, then you shouldn’t continue to hold the position. If you have a good excuse when you come back and you had a good enough relationship with the other members of the guild then they should be able to transfer leadership back to you. But, bottom line, if you can’t do the job then you shouldn’t have it.

First…its a GAME. RL trumps game every time. Second, they paid for the alliance. If you start one it costs gems. They put up the gems, nobody else did. Third, if I own a company and I dont show up for a month does someone take it away? But they are the leader…and guess what its their choice as owner what ti do within the confines of the law. Same here.

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Do what everyone does in RL. Leave the company and join another. :joy:


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