I accidentally took Onatel's blindfold OFF!




Technically, Hela is Galadriel taking the ring.


Huh? LotR … what has that to do with Ontal or E&P


Jedon my friend. I believe, the OP was thinking that Onatel, whose appearance is that of a blind oracle of sorts who is very quiet and perhaps not even out spoken, but if the blindfold was removed, her eyes would make her look like Lady Galadriel who was tempted/tested by the One Ring as seen in Fellowship.


I see now :smile: nice one OP …
Thanks @Shohoku79 you gave me great lights :kissing_heart:





She can see just fine, this is why she wears the blindfold:


Worst scene of all of the LotR movies. So stinkin’ contrary to the way Tolkein designed her personality and such. Pure cinematic BS.

Awesome joke. Ridiculous scene.


Here she is terrorizing the local hospital staff…


When she killed Eddie Valiant’s brother… Her eyes looks just like these…



Leave Jessica Rabbit out of this!