Hypothetical HOTM swaps: If I Could Be Lucky Again I Would - - -

Being an FTP I choose when I do my pulls. Ie I choose which month I would prefer to be lucky in.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Drake and Zimkitha but if I could turn back the clock and choose when I’d get lucky I’d have used those lucky pulls on Evelyn and… Maybe a titan specialist

Anyone else have similar sentiments?


Here’s one for you. I managed to luck out and pull two HOTM early on in the game - Aeron, and then Gregorion. They were single EHT pulls no less.

Guess which two HOTM are in the two months between them? I’d gladly trade for them.

PS those are also the only two HOTM I have.


I can’t argue with my HOTM luck. I am c2p and I got Miki the month I started, then Graz, Kingston, Neith, and Vela. That said, starting a month earlier and getting Ses would have been pretty sweet. :smiley:


That’s like all but Grimble. I think there is a song about this.


I don’t have a Hotm yet. They avoid me

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I’m curious if this is a typo. :thinking:


As C2P I dont have many chances to get a HOTM but I have been blessed with 2 since I started playing in May 19. They are Seshat and Miki and I wont change them for any of the other HOTM so I guess I have been really lucky with those pulls.


Lol. I fixed it. Thanks. :smile:


I believe we all have approximately the same in-game luck. But it’s so hard to measure with all the hero pulls, troop summons, training camps, matchups in war, raids, tournaments, etc., leveling up during a rare titan, etc. So I will answer this but first feel I need to acknowledge that I fully realize a lot of my luck has been in the HOTM area. I have gotten an unreasonable number of them for my number of pulls AND avoided most duplicates (an underrated form of luck).

I would give back my Thoth-Amun and be happy with a random shot at the pool of HOTM’s, even if it returned someone I already have or Margaret. I’d also accept a roll at the pool of five star costumes.

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I’m C2P (one gems offer and a VIP deal), so I realize how lucky I have been with HOTMs. Aegir, Margaret and Seshat when they were first released, Aeron and Gregorion through Atlantis.

Happy with all of them - even Margaret. She has been great versus Titans, and quite good on raid offense with her tile damage and her dodge protecting Proteus, Melendor, Jack O’Hare. Not the best, but I’ve learned a lot from using her. Still, I would be tempted to trade her in for, say, Alberich…

Seshat is the one I would NEVER trade away. She is a beast on both offense and defense, and I’ve won quite a few raids with her as the last hero standing versus up to 3 surviving heroes. Once she gets her minions going, I just need to ghost tiles up to keep charging her special and sniping the opposition. Most enemy 5*s with weak attack stats can’t quite kill her, and she can easily survive weaker AOE specials (Seshat laughs in your face, Zeline and Zimkitha!)

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