Hypocritical: Telluria can't hit more than 100% but new Valhalla can hit 500%

How is it that they reduced 2 hero of the months to pathetic levels, because they were “too powerful” and “unfair” but they just created a hero that would have punked them before they were knocked down. Seems very hypocritical.


Let’s forget for the moment the aspects of everyone’s specials other than pure damage - How much more damage do you think Gefjon does to the opponent TEAM than Tell and Vel do?


They truly don’t care about their community, only about the $$$. Telluria was once a challenge but, now she’s easily beaten. They say it’s for “balancing” but I call b.s. why release more powerful Valhalla characters or the Ninja characters that can easily own Telluria if the game is “balanced.” It’s their way to keep people pouring in the money…we want a better character so we spend more money. They lower the stats of the characters we spent lots of money and time on and then, release a more vicious one so we spend more money and time all over again. It’s truly unfair and then they repeat the cycle. New awesome characters are earned then (H.O.M.) drop status way beyond what needs to then BAM new epic Valhalla character overtake most H.o.m… I’ve lost all trust in this game.


And telluria does ton of other things, what kind of stupid example is that.


So easily beatable that she’s still most used tank in diamond…
Telly is pretty ok as it is…and i have her in my defense.


Since everybody and his brother has invested in emblems for Telluria, it’s going to take a little while before things balance out. It’s down from like 80% to 50%, but a lot of us have no other tank.

Gefjon does 500% to one, Telluria damages all. Gefjon steals minions from one, Telluria slows mana for all, adds a minion to all allies, damages all enemies, and heals all allies. They are totally different animals, both great heroes (even after the nerf!) in their own right.


Half the tanks in the top 100 are Telluria…if she was no longer viable, u wouldn’t see so many teams with her as tank having that many cups.
Before i could hold 2600 trophies easily now im easily around 2500:2550.
That’s how much she was nerfed…dmg was never her strength…the mana down and her defense stat are.


Tell. Does have other attributes, but the point was they weakened her because she was too powerful, then they create a more powerful character. I used to avoid any team that had her or vel. Now, it’s no different than facing someone with Rigard in his costume. Can be beaten easily.
There is also a big difference between the whole team taking a hit vs one hero taking a one shot one kill hit. Many people haven’t dropped telluria yet because they have no other decent 5 star healers. Again, point is that they punked out a great hero of the month and then turn around and create new, even stronger ones. The point of a “hero of the month” is to be something special. They were, and provided a real challenge, but too many crybabies didn’t want to work hard so they rolled over and made changes. For the record…I do not have either of the characters that were nerfed. I just think it was a slap in the face to all those that did and it took away a challenging aspect of the game. It showed us players that there is no point in celebrating a great hero because the developers can just go back and say “thanks for all the hard work you put in…aaaaaaanndd its gone. Now go spend money and gems to get this other great hero and maybe we won’t mess with them later.”


I am convinced that the nerf of Telluria and Vivica was because simply too many people got them (probably they made a mistake with the summon odds for these characters).
Ideally you want to have a very short number of the top heroes out there to entice people to spend money otherwise people will not care.
And thats the reason why they use that too many people were using telluria as a tank… of course they were, its a 5 start with good stats and probably the only one that most of us got… I know what im talking about because Im one of those folks.


I think it was business move. SGG can’t make money on OLD HOTM but SGG knows people will spend loads of cash on new overpowered heroes.


I love teluria on the tank :heart_eyes:


This isn’t even a valid comparison. Gefjon hits one hero like lianna. Should we nerf lianna too? She does over 500% damage.


I will complain that my plate of cheese does not taste like a chocolate lava cake.
People are comparing two different heroes with completely different functions. what next? shall we complain that Finley does not heal as much as ariel does?


Delete Telly. I don’t need any compensation. Mine is lvl 20 nodes.
Give me back my Vela.


Gefjon hits one target. And steals the minions from the target she hits.

Telluria hits all enemies. And reduces their speed. And heals all allies, and summons minions for all allies. And element links all nature allies. And also, resists having minions destroyed or stolen (lol).

I think you’re comparing Gefjon to Telluria rather unfairly, as they really have different strengths.

Gefjon is more comparable to a red Lianna. As far as their damage goes, it’s pretty comparable.


Might as well. That way it’s fair to everyone who didn’t get her (sarcasm)

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She is most used because players don’t have other 5* options. I can personally confirm that 4*s hold trophies better than my 8 emblem telluria.

If there were more ascension materials in the game we would see more variety. But sadly they don’t want variety, if that was true they’d give more ascension materials. It’s not complicated, that are just either completely ignorant or totally greedy.


Comparing a defensive tank to an offensive sniper is really foolish. Not only that all it does is bring out the people that want refunds, or just want to complain about SGG in general.

Apples and oranges aren’t the best to compare.

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Telly is crap now. Can’t tank, can’t heal, a good for nothing. War against telly tanks is always above 6k score, a testament to not tanking well.
Idle raid score will drop to level similar to a Kunchen tank or any other half-assed tank.
Guess what?? SG is still thinking of nerfing Telly further.


You know this f2p powercreep?


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