Hyper Aggressive Llamas - DISCORD server, 8 star titans, use all flags and you are welcome! Will accept small groups

Hyper Aggressive Llamas​:llama:… active “addicted” :laughing::face_with_hand_over_mouth: dedicated gamers, who realise real life comes first :clap::facepunch:.

We looking for a few more players to fill our roster:

  • experienced gamers new to E&P looking to optimise progression and gameplay
  • old E&P veterans looking for a relaxed but hassle free environment

About us:

  • Daily active members, relaxed, no-pressure environment
  • War optional (but encouraged), but must use 6 flags if opted in (no TP minimum)
  • 8+ star titans mean that extra ascension mat
  • Active discord server but we believe real life comes first.
  • Active experienced leaders with alts in top 100 for giving advice to developing players

Pop by our discord server and say hi :wave: Ask us anything , and throw in an application!



This group is a lot fun. Chatty, but not overwhelming. Willing to listen and give advice. Brag board to show off what cool thing you’ve done or gotten. It’s my favorite team so far.

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Hey y’all! Looking for a relaxed group? This is it. We are active, but understand real life. Great place for alts. I have two here lol. Come hang out with us.

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2 more people joined and are already enjoying the Alliance.

We’re open and ready while slots remain.

Say hi here, discord, or in game!

Ask anything anytime.

Still happily taking individuals or small groups.

Message me, discord or just apply in game

Killing 8star titans every time.

Join us! Just hit apply!

Grinding away every day

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