Hy, Empire and Puzzles, need some advice


I am alliance leader of “The Titan Lord’s Wrath”, two month old open alliance, 25 members, current score 22.000 , mostly novice players, only a few more seasoned members, struggling to take down 4* titans. As you can see, any new addition to the team of any player over level 20 is very welcomed as we really need more seasoned fighters so I promoted him / her to elder right away.
This brings me to the point of this post. 5 days ago a new player joined our ranks, 22’nd level PlasticDog32194, at about 1100 cups at that time, as I recall. Now for the strange part… Joining “The Titan Lord’s Wrath” seems to have been the last thing he or her did on Empire and Puzzles, to this day, as stats say “Last active: 5 days ago”. Had it been a lower level player I would have kicked him / her for inactivity today, but there is only four of us over level 20 out of 25 members so I decided not to banish him / her for now.
Now for the weird part… paying more attention to him / her, I noticed yesterday that his / hers cup count shows a slow but steady growth. Joined at about 1100, yesterday was at 1300, now at over 1400 cups. I wouldn’t find that strange at all if the defense team would be amazingly strong, but except a 2/60 Gravemaker and a 3/60 Chao it only has 3* heroes so 1400 cups and growing seems a bit odd, for a defending only team…
Is there anything that I’m missing? Is he / she the luckiest person alive to be raided only by loosing teams? I, with average of 1400 - 1500 cups and a stronger defense, usually wake up in the morning with 100 - 150 cups lower than I went to sleep.


Inactive players can still be raided and his/her trophy count will update regardless of his/her inactivity.

I don’t raid and I’ve gone through stretches of time where I was attacked by players and successfully defended, who upon inspecting their defense roster, barring any unlucky board setup, should be players I shouldn’t be winning against. The only logical explanation I could come up with is they were unlucky in their boards, or they were purposely cup (trophies) dropping in hopes of getting matched with weaker opponents and potentially more raid victories to fill their hero chests. Chances of being raided tend to be higher when you are in a higher raid tier because competitive players are jousting for positions.

Back to your new mystery member, he/she might just be lucky to be winning against weaker attackers, or purpose cup droppers, all this without playing the game for days. :slight_smile:


He’s probably winning by defending. Sounds like his team is gold territory so that’s not unusual.


Honestly, I would still kick this inactive player. For an alliance to succeed, it needs to provide not only decent titans but also a fun, social experience. (“Fun, social” are terms defined by your members.) Someone who doesn’t log in for 5 days and didn’t mention that absence on the way out? Not helping that vibe.


You seem to be a fine and ambitious leader, @Ian487 … kudos to this!

You have clearly stated the terms of joining your alliance … “All members must use …” which is something good and advisable so for members to know what is expected from them by joining.

My advice, …

  • Give that member a week of inactivity … as he might show up and provide an explanation. (I would if I’m leveling GM as my tank)
  • Add to the terms something like … “Missing two consecutive Titans and/or AWs = Kick”… if it can be applied to all of the members.
  • Be ready to answer his/her question if he/she reads your topic and then ask …" Why you mention my in-game name in your topic?" … otherwise, I would suggest to edit your post and remove his/her name.

Wishing you all the best.


Hi, @Daniela1 … and welcome to E&P forum.
I see you have decided to withdraw your 1st post ever in the forum.
You may want to know that the forum has a section for foreign languages which you can post your topics and questions at https://forum.smallgiantgames.com/c/foreign-languages.

Have a nice day. :slightly_smiling_face:

My apologies, @Ian487 for the off topic.
It was Daniela1 first and thought of giving him/her some assistance.


No problem. By the way, why would mentioning the in-game name of my alliance member bother him / her? Seeing the cup count go up so much after 5 days of inactivity made me wonder if that’s normal and if he / she is playing fair. I struggle 15 flags a day to get my cup count 100 - 150 up only to lose them over night. Now the cup count has gone down so it probably was just a series of lucky wins for the defending team. I think I’ll wait a few more days for him / her to get back online before, as we still have some open spots.


Oh dear!


To lead, it’s all about building trust with your colleagues. You will gain legitimacy and be able to empower them, … if they trust you with the good and bad values, when you happen to come across and know about as their… leader.

If they are found doing something which makes you " wonder", can the other members of your alliance trust that you will not go and create a post about them in the forum?

Will you trust someone who does that to you?


I’m not here to breach, my apologies if sound like … one.

Enjoy the game, you are a fine leader …with a mission.

Take care.

Just the place for a Snark! I have said it once

He maybe gets cups cause of gravemaker even in his low condition, hes a good tank.

I am leader of an alliance and before was co leader of another one

I personally kick new people with no activity in titans and wars after 1 week. Trusted member know that they call out in chat when they leave for vacation and so on., but i would wait there a amount of time longer


Oh boy!

What are you talking about? Trusting someone you don’t know at all? Definitely a good way to lead… Trust is something you earn, not a presumption of innocence.

On the other hand the post was not about other alliance members, it was about a specific one, that showed strange behavior (joining and then having absolutely no activity at all, growing hundreds of cups out of thin air… Should I had hidden my concern rather than ask? Thought that was what the forum is for… I asked for advice from more experienced players, not for a lesson in leadership… It was a legitimate question. My cups don’t just grow overnight by the hundreds, without ever being online…

Anyway… Guess you’re a fine leader too… with a mission. Enjoy the… breaching…
P.S. I too can be sarcastic…