Husband/Wife team have found an active & easy-going clan

Hey check out our Alliance, 27 Crows. We are a fun team and just lost a few players who were not participating. Most of us are at about the same level as both of you - we are currently fighting 6* and 7* titans, and we are pretty successful in war (since I joined 2 months ago, we’ve won about 75% of our Wars). I think you’d both fit in nicely!

We have started a new alliance if you are interested. 2 couples in there so far. Alliance: Multiple Personalities

Muay Titan is a midlevel Alliance that has open slots and we would be happy to accommodate both of you. Currently 7-8* Titans and a decent performance in AW with >90% participation rate. Check us out!

Join Azure Winds.
We are doing 8* and 9* titans. Great place to grow.
We also hate people who opt-in and don’t participate, so we kick them out :slight_smile:

@TheExperient We Don’t Kneel currently has1 spot but, due to RL issues, 2 additional spots will be opening ASAP. Here’s a little about our alliance - we’d love to have you stop by to check us out!

  1. We have several couples or those with relatives in our alliance. We love it as to us it’s a game best enjoyed with our families :laughing:

  2. Wars - we love them! Opt in or out, but if you’re in be sure to use your flags. Not using them is breaking a cardinal rule… lol

  3. We’re currently hitting 9-10* titans. We have an 8* right now as 3 of our bigger hitters are on vacay and cell service gets spotty in alaska :rofl:

  4. Most of our players are US-based so English is required. We do have several from around the world and wouldn’t trade them for anything! This means you’ll likely see someone online most of the time.

  5. Our first rule in the alliance is that RL trumps the game. Things happen so we have a generous 14 day policy. If you’re going to be gone, opt out of Wars and let us know. We’ll be sure to save your spot.

  6. We attempt to keep drama at a minimum. We’re all adults and try to act like it :smile:

Feel free to stop by and check us out if we sound like a potential fit. We’re set at a 2K trophy limit, but can lower that for you if needed.


@TheExperient, cream of the crop would love to have yous. We are a well balanced alliance with great experienced players and some players learning aswel. All we ask is for you to be active. We are a family, we support and help one another when we can.

@sarah2 Hi Thanks, would love an invite to Guardians University. Seems like a good fit at the right skill level.

In-game names are:
Saorsie the Red

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That’s awesome… I’ll get someone to open the door @Annieb @PhelanKell

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@TheExperient if you look up Guardians Ascending Phelan is waiting to accept you. We’ve been hitting *8 titans. Most people are in platinum, some in diamond and gold. Trophies 1200

Else, waiting for word from University - just had a great group of people join as well.

@TheExperient I talked with Sarah and Guardians Ascending would love to have you. I think you will fit right in. It’s going to be a great place for you two to learn, grow and have fun.

@Sarah2 is there room for both of us in Ascending?

Of course… :smile:

Yes there is. Come on over.

Great! Let me bid farewell to my current group. We’ll be knocking on your door shortly.

Nice… You’ll be in time to meet our new titan

What levels are you? And we are a very active group. We expect everyone to hit titan, and war is optional, but we have a level requirement and a trophie requirement to join.

Anyone interested check out Rising Tides we are always recruiting

Check us out: …AND FREEDOM RAINS! we are 24 at the moment and we’d like to have you with us.

It sounds like you have found a new home. shall i close this thread? :slight_smile:

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