Husband & Wife Seeking New Home

Posted something like this a while ago and closed it due to thinking we’d found what we were looking for at that time. Unfortunately that didn’t end up being the case, so after going back through the replies in that thread for alliances that we didn’t try, most were either full now, not what we were looking for, or in some cases no longer even in existence, we decided to try posting a new one again.

Husband & wife looking for a new alliance that we can make our new permanent home. We are levels 70/48 with def teams of 4563/4476. We are daily players and hit the titan every time we can when we are on and also use all 6 of our flags every war. A note with war tanks, neither of us have Telly so just wanted to give the heads up as I know that’s a requirement for some alliances.

What I am looking for:

  • Family Friendly: Just want a group that is welcoming and enjoys having a “family” feel to it with each other as a whole group. A group with other couples would be great but definitely not a deal breaker
  • Clean(ish) Chat: We are not looking for a group that swears like sailors, constantly makes off color jokes and is basically just a bunch of a-holes most of them time. We don’t mind joking around and stuff as we’re all for it to have fun, but it doesn’t need the obscene stuff with it. We’re not always the most active chatters but we do read chat and it gets tiring reading those things constantly.
  • Casual Yet Active: We just want an alliance that goes with the flow but at the same time is fully active in Titan and Wars when it comes to hitting in them & holds it’s members accountable if they miss them repeatedly
  • 9-11* Titans: While we can go lower (or higher; 12* maxed), we would prefer a group that hits titans between 9-11*.
  • War Strategy Used: We are not looking for a militant level strategy, but would like some type of strategy with the minimum being coordinated tanks. An additional strategy like killing the lowest powered 5-8 teams as fast as possible and let them re-spawn before going for the complete flip or similar would be a plus as well, but again not looking for being told how to play each of my flags either.
  • Alliance Growth: We are not opposed to joining a lower leveled/powered alliance to help out being a heavier hitter for them, but in any case we want one that is actually growing both in terms of overall alliance and in it’s individual members power. By that we mean that if you have members that have been with you for 60 days and they are still level 20, they’re not being active or trying to grow really. Also we’d prefer an alliance with at least 25 members, although will consider ones with 20+
  • Preferred Line/Discord Not Required: We would rather not use them but do have them if it is absolutely required, although I will say that we are not very active on either nor do we check them very often

Please read the previous things we are looking for and make sure they match your alliance before responding back as we’ve posted something before and got a ton of replies only to find most of them to be nothing like what we were looking for in most areas.


Please check us out again… I left a message last time and believe we can meet all your requirements. Silent Implosion!

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Check Crew knights Crew❤️KNIGHTS > 22 spots open; Only level 55+ accepted > off-game bot available for titan and war hours > can you do 100k damage daily on any killed titan? - line id: boolz_san >>> Join a helping KNIGHTS Family, for all alliances! - #814
a bit higher lvl titans but if u can meet 100k per titan and follow rules its cool.


Talons of Frost

Discord required but you don’t have to post to it
10 and 11 star titans
23 members at the moment but we are recruiting
Some couples in the alliance family, generally clean chat
Very active
War strategy as you describe

Seems like a good fit and I wouldn’t say if it didn’t.

sidenote: do people still require Telly?
(Oh, nm, you mention the post was resurrected from a while ago.)
anyway, discord me at rigersa#5200 if interested in chatting and good luck!

Mountaineer WV checks all your boxes. Recently cleaned up our house and now we have 5 open spots. Friendly and relaxed, yet competitive environment - we like to win. Basic rules which practically just prevent inactivity. Simple war strategy, green tanks atm. Discussing now about going further with the proposition you made here. Sometimes chatty, sometimes not. We have Discord, but it’s not a requirement. As long as communication flows in chat (featured msg used for important info), it’s all good. :slight_smile:
Hiting 10-11* titans, sometimes 12* when full.

We’ll be happy to get to know you two better. :slight_smile:

Oh yes. US/UK/the rest of Europe based alliance.

PS. Mostly 30+… Few people in their 20ies, our “children”.

Edit: you can contact me on Line - id: slobix

I remember your prior post and suggested at the time TBD - but we only have space for one (I just checked, at the time of your original post we had just 10 people).

However, you might find what you’re looking for at Cemetery seeds. How can I be so confident? I’ve visited there and it’s everything the ad says it is. They also have just 3 spaces to fill.

Also, how could I forget, Forsaken Oasis - would be another great alliance to check out. Titans capped at 10* and competitive wars. And, Yes, I’ve visited these guys too.

GL in your decision making.


We, Assassins Inc, check all your boxes. We are an adult group of players mainly from North America and Europe.

Active, yet laid back. Extremly friendly and helpful. Clean but active chat. War strategy and using all flags. 10-11* titans. We even have couples! No line /discord requirements.

Check us out! Assassins Inc.

Please try us out Fantasy Empire.
We have 3 hasband/wife couples in the house. No drama, we all get along very well. We have 23 members today and looking for more. Hitting 10-12star titans. Green and Purple(rash attack day) tanks of your choice. Hard enough for titans and war yet soft enough to understand real life priority. All are veteran players no need to be told what to do even for the war no strict strategy. We have LINE group but only if you wanted to join no need to bother if you don’t want to. You are very welcome to just try us out for a week or so before you decide.

Hello! Kalis here, leader of Cemetery Seeds, an alliance @Sarah2 mentioned above.

Reading through what you and your family hope to get out of an alliance, it sounds like we’re a perfect fit for you.

We are continually growing; I’ve seen incredible growth with this crew in the last three months. So very proud of them. We’re at 27/30.

We use Line, but that’s not a requirement. You will never need to check Line for anything pertinent - that’s what featured message in the chat is for.

Really looking forward to meeting you two, if you’d so choose to explore Cemetery Seeds as an option.

Yes, we use green tanks, but lord know Telluria is not a requirement. We have a woman who uses a Caedmon+20 with wonderful success, for what it’s worth.

Since the alliances inception we have never left a war flag unused.

Family friendly: I have been with this crew for nearly two years, they are my ride or die. Recently we completed a merger with another alliance who really complete us, socially and tactically. We have a husband/husband pair in here, men and women of all ages and are worldwide in our span.

Chat: Silly sometimes, mostly clean (sometimes you just HAVE to swear!). You won’t be logging into 50+ in the chat every time. We have some chatterboxes, but there’s a lot of workhorses in here, going about their business and then returning to their families.

I have often refered to our alliance as “casually serious” and that description is apropos of how we operate.

9-11* titans. Now you’re talking! We’re in the 10-11* range right now, killing most of them except the one directly after a rare so we have a breather to produce more crafts.

War strategy: one phase, kill the lower targets, then at halftime it a free for all. We are not militant in phasing as some as. I like to consider us an alliance that is full of “closers”.

LineID: cemeteryseeds

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Hey there. You guys sound like a PERFECT fit for Rockets Red Glare. Seriously. We are currently at 20 members. We have a couple Husband and Wife teams and most of our members have been with us for a good while. We are fighting 10-12 Star Titans. We do not use Line or Discord. We are “real life first”. Please stop in. Fight a Titan of two and stick around for War. We have a great time. Just use all 6 Flags and try your best!

Hello Mr & Mrs :blush:
Would love to have you come meet us .We are a family of alliances who help and support players and leaders to grow and find perfect fit. My wife and niece also play within our family alliances. I can be reached on Line : leerose3. here on Forum or FB as Titans Blade

I’m a new member of rockets red glare, me and a small group came over a while back and I have to say it’s been great for us. They have everything you listed in your wants. Family friendly, hit the titan daily, use all your war flags and your good. No military like leadership at all during wars but yes we do have strategic moves like tanks and hitting lower teams first. Everyone is positive and look to help each other grow.
I really think you two would love it here. Come check us out you won’t be disappointed :slight_smile:

Please check “Always room for jello”

Can’t go wrong with the crew franchise. Great family.


Sounds like a perfect match, including having a couple couples! Hitting 9-10 titans and could easily push 11 with a couple more players. The only box we don’t check is we don’t coodinatinate with Line or Discord but we have planned war attacks without having a set tank.

Please give us a try at De Raptors! I’ll welcome you personally.


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Hey @SigniDCaben19! :slightly_smiling_face:

I would love you to have a look at our alliance: Moonshine Warriors. We might be a good fit for you guys.

Even though we don’t have any couples in our group , you and your wife will be more than welcome to join us.

We are an international alliance with player levels from 41-74, all adult- drama free group and we are looking for more active players that love to attack the titans when online and use all 6 flags in wars. We do fight mainly 10-11* titans and we do coordinate our war tanks, our war strategy is very simple and similar to what you are looking for.

Line / Discord are great to have but optional.
If would like more info about us, feel free to reply here or on our recruitment thread:

Looking forward to hear from you! :hugs:

I know you have a ton of replies but Poseidon’s Warriors are almost a perfect match to your requirements. We hit 9* titans and have 24 members. The alliance is growing and we are serious about war. We do not tell you how to use your flags but prefer that you hit within or above your roster. We are friendly and have no course language or jokes. Most of the members have been around for a while. Feel free just to visit if you like. No pressure to stay


Finding the right alliance to be the perfect home for the time being sometimes takes awhile. I know because around the same time I read your original post I was looking at different alliances to check them out.

Here’s what was most important to me:
Members doing what everyone agreed on (100% flag use, daily titan hits)
No drama (the game is a reprieve from our busy crazy lives)!

I’ve since become the co-leader of crew-sapphires (part of the crew alliance)

Definitely family feel in the group crew chat.

I’ve been a part of 3 of the different crew alliances.

W us, it’s most chatty during war but other than that it’s just a few of us (me included) that chat a lot lol!

Some things from your post:
We use coordinated purple tanks
Attack weakest opponents during 1st and 2nd wave and then 3rd wave when most people happen to be on is where we light up the board and get more chatty then usual.

Come check us out sometime and see if it’s your fit. If it isn’t, there are spots all over the crew family.

Best of luck you two!

LineID amateurdez if you want to chat off line:)

Hi, I am from Bong Squad… We have no forcing no rules and we try to use all flags (we understand life happens and things happen ) we play as a team no war rules no strategy, but everyone plays and hits because they understand other members of the team is counting on them… we currently have 20 in house members… Other helping out other alliances or hanging with old friends…

Because we play as a team we have no demands of each other because everyone just do the best they can to benefit everyone else… Only reason we kick is for 7 days inactive… You don’t even have to chat. If you would like to learn more let me know or check us out in bong squad and ask members what they think.

Good morning :slight_smile:

I am not sure if by now you folks possibly have found something, if not, please give us a go.

We’re looking for a few new members to join our crazy bunch. We currently have 3 spots open.

Use of ALL flags is required for Wars (if opted in) and minimum 5 flags / 80K damage on Titans, we use Discord as a means of out-of-game comms between members.