Husband & Wife Seeking New Home

Hello Mr & Mrs :blush:
Would love to have you come meet us .We are a family of alliances who help and support players and leaders to grow and find perfect fit. My wife and niece also play within our family alliances. I can be reached on Line : leerose3. here on Forum or FB as Titans Blade

I’m a new member of rockets red glare, me and a small group came over a while back and I have to say it’s been great for us. They have everything you listed in your wants. Family friendly, hit the titan daily, use all your war flags and your good. No military like leadership at all during wars but yes we do have strategic moves like tanks and hitting lower teams first. Everyone is positive and look to help each other grow.
I really think you two would love it here. Come check us out you won’t be disappointed :slight_smile:

Please check “Always room for jello”

Can’t go wrong with the crew franchise. Great family.


Sounds like a perfect match, including having a couple couples! Hitting 9-10 titans and could easily push 11 with a couple more players. The only box we don’t check is we don’t coodinatinate with Line or Discord but we have planned war attacks without having a set tank.

Please give us a try at De Raptors! I’ll welcome you personally.


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Hey @SigniDCaben19! :slightly_smiling_face:

I would love you to have a look at our alliance: Moonshine Warriors. We might be a good fit for you guys.

Even though we don’t have any couples in our group , you and your wife will be more than welcome to join us.

We are an international alliance with player levels from 41-74, all adult- drama free group and we are looking for more active players that love to attack the titans when online and use all 6 flags in wars. We do fight mainly 10-11* titans and we do coordinate our war tanks, our war strategy is very simple and similar to what you are looking for.

Line / Discord are great to have but optional.
If would like more info about us, feel free to reply here or on our recruitment thread:

Looking forward to hear from you! :hugs:

I know you have a ton of replies but Poseidon’s Warriors are almost a perfect match to your requirements. We hit 9* titans and have 24 members. The alliance is growing and we are serious about war. We do not tell you how to use your flags but prefer that you hit within or above your roster. We are friendly and have no course language or jokes. Most of the members have been around for a while. Feel free just to visit if you like. No pressure to stay


Finding the right alliance to be the perfect home for the time being sometimes takes awhile. I know because around the same time I read your original post I was looking at different alliances to check them out.

Here’s what was most important to me:
Members doing what everyone agreed on (100% flag use, daily titan hits)
No drama (the game is a reprieve from our busy crazy lives)!

I’ve since become the co-leader of crew-sapphires (part of the crew alliance)

Definitely family feel in the group crew chat.

I’ve been a part of 3 of the different crew alliances.

W us, it’s most chatty during war but other than that it’s just a few of us (me included) that chat a lot lol!

Some things from your post:
We use coordinated purple tanks
Attack weakest opponents during 1st and 2nd wave and then 3rd wave when most people happen to be on is where we light up the board and get more chatty then usual.

Come check us out sometime and see if it’s your fit. If it isn’t, there are spots all over the crew family.

Best of luck you two!

LineID amateurdez if you want to chat off line:)

Hi, I am from Bong Squad… We have no forcing no rules and we try to use all flags (we understand life happens and things happen ) we play as a team no war rules no strategy, but everyone plays and hits because they understand other members of the team is counting on them… we currently have 20 in house members… Other helping out other alliances or hanging with old friends…

Because we play as a team we have no demands of each other because everyone just do the best they can to benefit everyone else… Only reason we kick is for 7 days inactive… You don’t even have to chat. If you would like to learn more let me know or check us out in bong squad and ask members what they think.

Good morning :slight_smile:

I am not sure if by now you folks possibly have found something, if not, please give us a go.

We’re looking for a few new members to join our crazy bunch. We currently have 3 spots open.

Use of ALL flags is required for Wars (if opted in) and minimum 5 flags / 80K damage on Titans, we use Discord as a means of out-of-game comms between members.


Check us out, long established international alliance hitting 9-10* titans atm although that will grow with new members.

Recently lost a few to real-life so growing again. We are friendly and active

I think we are a good home for you. ‘Darkness Shines’ is an alliance of respectful, pleasant , international people many of which joined as beginners and grew with us.
We would love to have you on board, my wife is our leader with me and 2 others acting as co leaders to cover each of the 3 major continents where we have our members.
You and your wife would come in at the stronger end of the mix that we have and your experience would be really welcome.
Our motto is ‘99% drama free’ so come and find your new home with us.

If you join, you will find what you’ve been looking for

Hi @SigniDCaben19

I am also part of DeRaptors along with @Chadmo.

Me and my wife have both been part of the alliance for a few months and love it.

The only thing missing from list is that we dont use coordinated tanks, but there is at least some thought behind this, it was noticed that some players were having to put out a weakened team or unviable tank hero just to fit the colour requirements, whereas the current format means everyone can line up their strongest possible team as opposed to easy outs.

Btw playing with your wife you must’ve probably experienced the joys of this like me :rofl: :upside_down_face:


We (Assassins Inc) have Line, English speaking, chatty people that chip in with advice, we have the wise goat bot in Line which is super helpful (can explain more if you haven’t seen it before). Tanks for war are voted on to decide which is best for the whole group. we have a war stratergy and a good spread of members from across the globe so there is pretty much always someone online.

More info here Join us, Assassins Inc!

We have space and it sounds like you’d both be a great fit!

Join Clan Clan. We have 28 players and we can kill 9 or 10 titans. In wars, you and your wife can attack any time, we don t have rules. The chat is clean and this Alliance will not be a second job for you.


you can check our alliance ♤Witchers and Witches♤, and if you are not sure if this is a good place for you, we can invite you to our line group first and you can see if we are a proper place :wink: best regards

Hi!! We are a family alliance! And need serious members fight together with us! So come and check!

Throwing hat into the proverbial ring! :laughing:
Check us out at Fusion Fighters as it sounds we match what you’re looking for.

  • Family friendly: we have one couple on board.
  • Clean(ish) chat: can’t remember much swearing in chat.
  • Casual yet active: we consider ourselves ‘casually competitive’. Active on titans, all flags in (optional) war. Of course, life circumstances could affect activity levels.
  • 9-11* titans: Currently hitting 10*.
  • War strategy used: Coordinated tanks (currently green), with farming strategy.
  • Alliance growth: Currently 27-strong.
  • External chat app: Line, though very optional.

One of you could always pop over first to see if it’s the right fit. :slightly_smiling_face:

In any case, good luck with your search.

Where the Wind Blowz
It was created for my family so we could all play together during this pandemic. My husband and I, my son, cousins and siblings.
My grandchildren even play (8-14)
We are chatty, encouraging, friendly and clean chat. Worst word used is Butt…
Most of play the way an Alliance should for war and Titans but, we still have new ones learning how.

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