Hurry up and wait... boredom

Anyone else starting to feel burnout with just how long everything takes once you reach higher levels?

10+ days to upgrade a stronghold… then another 8-10 days to upgrade another building to utilize what the stronghold upgrade just unlocked… Almost a month of just twiddling your thumbs. It’s like the developers just set an arbitrary mathematical increase to build times without actually testing what that would mean for user experience at higher levels.

Yet while waiting endlessly for building upgrades, there are no new maps or levels, and just the same quests over and over.

It’s getting to the point where I feel like the only way to make the game feel fresh again would be to erase all of my progress and start over from scratch – when it actually felt like I was progressing.

As much as I love this game, it really needs more than new hero costumes to feel fun and fresh again.


I don’t think you’re alone in this.
I am in a position of frustration because I have too many heroes for the ascension materials I have… except purple. I have 10 tabards and not a single 5* purple available to work on. So, I am running 4xTC20 in hopes of a purple 5.
Pulled my second Lianna today. She’d be great if she weren’t blocked by 5 other greens. So it’s slow going for hero ascension, plus 2 days for all of my tc20s.

I finish the important quests in minutes, mow through my war hits, kick the teeth in on a titan… and then just wait.

Season 3 is my only ray of hope, and am enjoying the potential of Thor/Sif/Odin/etc as heroes. Not super thrilled or excited for hero academy.

for now I try to do ‘fun things’ (like here: Keeping it Fun: A Veteran's Perspective) and keep it lively with my alliance mates.

current project is getting emblems on 3 valeria and testing the best synergy with all of my other heroes. Right now it’s fun to wreck with mono (Ariel, Misandra in support of them), but i’m killing everything with tile damage and that’s not the point of my exercise. So right now I have Zimkitha and Redhood as a 3/2 with them and that’s working well enough, as they don’t do a lot of damage but protect/cleanse/enhance Valeria^3.


Maths seem to be ridiculous, as you just described. In order to explore the alchemy lab, you will be forced to upgrade your food storage, to upgrade the alchemy lab you are forced to upgrade your iron storage and it all takes ages with even no clue whether the effort will pay off. It also seems to affect my alliance as players with levels of 60+ miss titans and let war flags unused, which kind of … ,too.


If you have level 60 players not pulling their weight in an alliance, you need to find a new alliance. I might have one in mind.


It definitely won’t.

On topic, it feels like the devs had to rush these new buildings to get them in game ASAP, to have something new, and gave them some really high building time so they could continue to work on them on the side and upgrade them in subsequent updates.

It’s like they do not want anybody to fully upgrade anybody because deep down, they know that those buildings are garbage and purpose-less.

Raging off


This game is a slow grind, at least for a FTP like me. I don’t really mind the long upgrade times of the buildings. Before the new buildings my builder had been idle for several months because everything was already maxed. Now I have at least something to wait for.

The new buildings have been pretty useless for me so far. I don’t really need any of the new battle items for the 10* titans my alliance is usually fighting. And the gem costs of the only useful levels in the alchemy lab are just too much for me.

I am only upgrading my advanced iron and food storages and hoping that the hero academy turns up to be good, and those 150+ heroes that are waiting in my TC20s have some use.


That is calculated to avoid reaching endgame too soon.

It’s calculated to make you create more accounts. It’s calculated to lure you to spend gems.

It’s calculated to keep some balance between F2p veterans vs new whales.

Most mmorpg I played are literally burned in hours when releasing new content. Months to create, hours to finish and then boredom.

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Dude. Its just their way of telling you to buy VIP and gems. Its a nice game ok but in the end they want to make some money. Every mobile game on this planet is designed to tempt you to invest real money. Thats just how things work.


That video was very interesting, thanks for posting it!


The upgrade times are wayyyyyyyyy to long in this game, they could cut them in half and they’d still be too long. I understand it’s too prevent progressing too quickly but damn, there’s a thing as progressing too slowly too.

Such a grind to upgrade iron/food storage, wait 8-10 days, upgrade hunter’s lodge or SH, wait another 10 days rinse and repeat.

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So aside from the daily gems and loot tickets, the 2nd builder inVIP30 is almost useless considering the unusually long wait for building completion…

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Pretty much. They had no plan. Plus they sold themselves to Zynga…

Replying to come back and watch this when I’m in an environment where having sound on isn’t an issue.

Thank you for posting


Great video

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I mean, I totally get that the motivation from the developers is to make money.

However, within my alliance, we have players who spend nothing, players like myself who have bought a VIP now and again, and some big spenders. We are all pretty much in the same boat. The big spenders aren’t significantly more progressed. We’re all just twiddling our thumbs… waiting.

So on the one hand, the game is balanced in the sense that no one running away from the pack in terms of progression…

But on the other, literally every single person in my alliance is frustrated with the slowness and overall lack of anything to do in the game.

I guess maybe my main point of frustration is that if it felt like the game had anything really fresh to offer in terms of playability, the wait times wouldn’t seem so bad. But it doesn’t.


From personal experience, I don’t mind the long wait because it’s taking me foooorevvvver to generate and collect enough iron to proceed with the next upgrade. Between crafting and leveling, in most cases I don’t have enough iron after the upgrade has completed anyway. Please let me know how some of you have so much iron that the wait is an inconvenience.

Well you can fast forward everything with gems, so you just need to cash in thousands of Euros to have enough gems to skip waiting. I Know for normal people this is not an Option. But still it would be possible technically

You are not alone. Makes me want to quit this game. I have over 150 3* - 5* heroes. In addition to the long wait of waiting for your building to finish, you have to wait even longer for 5* ascension materials.

Yes lol It happened with waiting for 2nd chapter too

I found this on my second time using VIP! even though you have a second builder, its not always in use as waiting for iron/ham to be restored so you would go a few days before it can be used.