Hurricanes are no giving 100% mana

My heroes are not receiving 100% mana when using Hurricanes. There is not other status effect active.
It happens when I am attacking the Mythic titan. Help please!

Heroes receive less mana if they are used more than 3 times against the Mythic Titan.


This is what I came here to type. This applies to super mana pots too. It also works for minor mana pots on the first time you use them.


Even from items? I thought it only applied to mana from tiles.

No it applies to everything. When the minus stats is in play a super mana won’t fully fill. Neither will a hurricane and items that do a percentage (mana pots, tornadoes etc etc) will have that percentage reduced.

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I tried to screen record, but video did not work.

I used hurricanes multiple times on mythic titan attacks. It only gives 60% mana to 3 heroes, not 100%.

Before you ask if I am sure I am using hurricane and not tornado, yes I am sure. Besides, if I were, then it is broke too. Tornado is 60% to all 5 heroes, not 3.

Maybe your heroes got cursed with reduced mana generation after 3 uses. :thinking:


@ThePirateKing is correct. That means that the heroes you have used are the ones which were in battle against the same mythic titans for more than three times, thus resulting to the same heroes’ mana generation and attack got weakened, and further weakening them some more if you use them again.

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When you use heroes more than 3 attacks, they get mana generation penalties

Hurricane is not mana generation. It should not matter. It is 100% mana, not generation.

This is not correct. Hurricane reads ‘gives 100%’ mana. Not generates 100%.

Okay. Whatever. Believe what you think is right. Your opinion is not wrong anyways, according to them :zipper_mouth_face::roll_eyes::zipper_mouth_face::roll_eyes:

Information & Table of Effects Imposed by Mythic Aura

  • The FIRST time a hero is used, they get a positive Mythic Aura which grants them +20% boost to Attack & Mana Generation.
  • The Second & Third time a hero is used, there is no Mythic Aura. They’re just your normal every day hereos (plus whatever bonus you get from the difficulty you chose)
  • From the Fourth Fight onwards using a hero however, the specific hero starts getting fatigued… They start getting negative effects.
# of Fights Attack Bonus Mana Bonus
1 +20% +20%
2 - -
3 - -
4 -10% -10%
5 -19% -19%
6 -27% -27%
7 -34% -34%
8 -41% -41%
9 -47% -47%
10 -52% -52%
11 -57% -57%

This was posted before too, and got the same answer. :slight_smile:


It is since 1st Mythic Titan released.
After used 3x, while our hero mana is -10%, so Hurricane will give 90% mana, and so on.


I think it’s working as intended, so not really a bug. I also don’t think it’s correct. The items cleary state gives 100% mana, so the fact it takes longer, or more mana to charge a hero shouldn’t really affect it. The items give 100% mana for both very slow and very fast at the same time under normal circumstances, so it’s not some fixed amount of mana.

This mechanic isn’t unique to Mythic Titans. When you stack on the mana generation bonuses in the Ninja Tower, you get bonus mana. I believe that the max bonus is +20 or +25%, so that when you use a minor mana potion, you actually get 30-32.5% instead of 25%. It’s a reason why minor mana potions are more effective at the higher levels than larger mana potions since you can carry more (7 vs 2).


We can argue about the technicality of the language but the mechanism of the game remains the same. The hurricane gives you 100% mana; and fatigue reduces mana gained. So let’s say you are at -10% fatigue level, that is 100% - 10% = 90%.

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